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Part Two: Nursing in the UK - Preparation, Application, Costs and Visas

Colin Pettifer discusses applying for roles in the UK, document preparation and requirements, registration, cost reimbursement and visas.

8 Jul 2021 - Career
Part One: Nursing in the UK - Why Make the Move?

We speak to Colin Pettifer about what nurses need to know to get a job in the UK either privately or with the UK’s NHS.

8 Jul 2021 - Career
Honoring our nurses for International Nurses Day! #IND2021

For International Nurses Day 2021, we shine a spotlight on some of our nurses who share their stories about life as a nurse:

10 May 2021 - Career
Who’s Your Hero? Nominate a Nurse for Our Nightingale Scholarship Fund

Tag a nurse on social media and win US$500 each for you and your friend!

29 Apr 2021 - Career
Boost Your Career Prospects With’s Spring Scholarship!’s Spring Scholarship Fund is now open for submissions!

24 Mar 2021 - Career
Kickstart Your UK Nursing Career with a Scholarship

All Member nurses who want to work in the UK can send an entry to win our Scholarship Fund worth US$1,000!

1 Feb 2021 - Career
Boost Your Nursing Skills with the January Scholarship!

Enter the January Scholarship fund worth US$ 1,000.00.

21 Dec 2020 - Career
Succeed in Your Nursing Career with the December Scholarship!

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1 Dec 2020 - Career
Upskill for Free and Qualify for the Scholarship - Worth US$ 1000!

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8 Nov 2020 - Career
Apply for's October Scholarship!

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29 Sep 2020 - Career
Dealing with Professional Burnout

It’s important to take care of your mental health.

1 Sep 2020 - Career
Update Your Contact Settings and Unlock Career Opportunities

You can update your Contact Settings to let international employers know that you are open for new job opportunities.

14 Jul 2020 - Career
How to Work as a Healthcare Professional in Malaysia

We gathered all the information you need to know to work as a healthcare professional in Malaysia.

1 Jul 2020 - Career
Update Your Contact Settings and win the June Scholarship!

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9 Jun 2020 - Career
Complete Your myTrueProfile Page and Win the May Scholarship!

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8 May 2020 - Career
COVID-19: Healthcare Professionals Needed Around the Globe

Healthcare professionals are at a premium right now, with countries vying to hire the best workers.

13 Apr 2020 - Career
Share your TrueProof on LinkedIn and win's Spring Scholarship

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31 Mar 2020 - Career
#IWD2020: How to Thrive in an International Career

We interviewed Anna Dirr, the Head of Operations, for International Women’s Day.

6 Mar 2020 - Career
Answer Our Survey to Win the February Scholarship Fund

Answer our survey and get a chance to win the February Scholarship Fund worth US$ 1,000.

23 Feb 2020 - Career
5 Tips to Thrive in Your First Year as a Registered Nurse

Thrive in your first year as a Registered Nurse with these tips!

17 Feb 2020 - Career
How to Find a Job as a Doctor in Dubai

These are the things that you need to know if you’re a doctor looking to work in Dubai.

4 Feb 2020 - Career
Get Hired Faster with TrueIdentity

Getting a TrueIdentity will get you noticed by international employers and recruiters who value background screening.

14 Jan 2020 - Career
New Year, new career with a Scholarship is awarding one lucky Member the US$ 1,000 Scholarship Fund every month.

6 Jan 2020 - Career
Your Goal Settings for the Year Ahead

Learn how to achieve your long-term and short term goals. Let’s start with your goals for this year.

26 Dec 2019 - Career
Five Things to do Before You Start Job Hunting

Prep yourself before applying for a job and have a checklist of the things you need to do before clicking on the apply button.

19 Dec 2019 - Career
How to Find a Healthcare Job in Dubai

What are the things you need to do to quickly find a healthcare job in Dubai?

3 Ways that Identity Verification Can Help You Get a Job

Prospective employees will sit up and take notice when you present yourself as a trusted candidate with a TrueIdentity.

5 Dec 2019 - Career
How to find a job in Saudi from the Philippines

You can find a job in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the comfort of your home in the Philippines.

26 Nov 2019 - Career
Fast-track your career with the help of Scholarships!

Presenting the Scholarship Fund worth US$ 1,000 to be awarded to one lucky Member each month!

21 Nov 2019 - Career
How to Find a Job as a Nurse in Dubai

Find out how to get a nursing job in Dubai faster with verified credentials.

14 Nov 2019 - Career
6 Tips for Getting a Job in Dubai

You can get a job in Dubai faster with these tips!

30 Oct 2019 - Career
What's The First Thing You Should Do If You Want To Work Abroad?

The very first thing you should do if you want to work abroad is to ensure employers that you are qualified and competent.

16 Oct 2019 - Career
Create the Best Chances of Getting a Job Abroad

Carve a path towards your dream job abroad by creating your own opportunities.

29 Aug 2019 - Career
The 5 Things You Need to do When You Get a Job Abroad

There are a lot of things to consider when you get a job abroad. These are the top 5 things to do in our checklist.

14 Aug 2019 - Career
How to Get Hired in the USA as a Foreign-educated Nurse

How to get hired in the USA as a foreign-educated nurse - exclusive advice from the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

24 Jul 2019 - Career
How to Reinvent Yourself and Start a New Career

You don’t need to be defined by one career path. You have the freedom to reinvent yourself.

14 May 2019 - Career
What You Need to Know: Travelling Abroad for Work

There are details that you need to check if you’re leaving for a job abroad unlike when you’re travelling for leisure.

10 Apr 2019 - Career
Starting Over After a Career Glitch

There's nowhere to go but up when you feel like you're at your lowest point.

18 Mar 2019 - Career
4 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Career

It makes sense to love your career because you spend a third of your time each day at work.

13 Feb 2019 - Career
3 Reasons Why You Should Create Life Goals

Where are you at this stage of your life? Have you accomplished what you want to do?

30 Jan 2019 - Career
When Is the Best Time to Get a Job?

The beginning of the year is the time when most companies set their recruitment goals, but the best time is right now.

17 Jan 2019 - Career
How to Use Social Media to Get a Job

It’s not just the business social media platforms where you can search for available job opportunities.

27 Dec 2018 - Career
How to Make Your Holiday Downtime Work for Your Career

Holidays and time off work can be both productive and fun!

17 Dec 2018 - Career
Review Your Year: The Art of Recapping

Do a mental recap so you can look back on the year that was and see how you can move forward to a better year ahead!

5 Dec 2018 - Career
How to be Happier in Your Career

How do you define success in your professional career?

25 Nov 2018 - Career
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work Abroad

Working abroad for at least a year will not just be an experience to remember, but will change you for the better.

20 Nov 2018 - Career
Why You Should Choose to Work in Abu Dhabi

The emirate of Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer for migrant workers.

8 Nov 2018 - Career
Why You Should Choose To Work In Dubai

Dubai is the go-to destination for most migrant workers.

30 Oct 2018 - Career
Your Main Barriers to Getting a Job Abroad

There are no barriers for you getting a job abroad when you verify your documents with!

23 Oct 2018 - Career
Healthcare Professionals: Dealing with Toxic Stress

Nurses are all too familiar with the word toxic, especially when it comes to their daily shifts.

18 Oct 2018 - Career
Travel and Work in New Zealand

Know more about the Working Holiday Visa scheme open to young people in New Zealand.

28 Sep 2018 - Career
How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

Give yourself more chances of getting hired faster, present yourself as a trusted candidate with verified credentials.

25 Sep 2018 - Career
Get a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

Know more about the Working Holiday Program from Australia where you can work legally whilst on holiday.

10 Sep 2018 - Career
Three Signs that You're Ready for a Change

Does workplace stress leak out into other areas of your life? This and other signs that you need to make a change.

13 Jul 2018 - Career
How Do You Get a Job Abroad?

If you want to work overseas but you don’t know where to start, we’ve got great tips for you.

29 Jun 2018 - Career
Can You Go Back to Your Career After a Long Hiatus?

Can you start over professionally if you’ve taken a long break from your career?

22 Jun 2018 - Career
Life Advice for New College Graduates

Life does not get magically easier the moment that you get your college degree.

11 May 2018 - Career
Life Lessons From the Corporate World

There are a lot of positive lessons you can take from a stint in the corporate world.

8 Feb 2018 - Career
How You Can Turn Change Into An Opportunity

Change is inevitable. Pounce on the opportunities that it presents.

1 Feb 2018 - Career
How to Remain Competitive in a Cutthroat World

Retain your competitive edge throughout your career.

10 Nov 2017 - Career
Demotivation and How to Overcome Mental Obstacles

The key to motivate you is within your power to grasp.

3 Nov 2017 - Career
How Much Work Experience do You Need to Get a Job Abroad?

We frequently get asked if a new graduate can indeed surpass the work experience requirement to get a job abroad. It depends.

18 Oct 2017 - Career
Top Five Reasons Why You Should Work in Bahrain

Bahrain consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in for a migrant worker.

4 Oct 2017 - Career
What to Look for in Your Overseas Employment Contract

Scrutinize the fine print on your job contract before signing it.

19 Sep 2017 - Career
How to Deal With Conflict in the Workplace

Working towards one goal and vision will minimize conflict in the workplace.

15 Sep 2017 - Career
Work Overseas and Have Your Family With You

It is possible for you to take your loved ones with you on an overseas working stint.

12 Jul 2017 - Career
Your Gameplan to Getting a Healthcare Job Overseas

Here’s a roadmap of what you need to do if your goal is to get a job abroad.

20 Jun 2017 - Career
3 Tips on How to Get a Job in Singapore

There are a lot of overseas workers based in Singapore. You too, can become one!

How to be Productive in your Spare Time

You can start a project or upskill with an online course during your spare time.

7 Apr 2017 - Career
Travel the World while Working as an OFW

You don’t need to be an influencer to get to travel the world.

12 Dec 2016 - Career
Why Work as an OFW Doctor in the Middle East

A stint at one of the countries in the GCC region will be a prestigious addition to any doctors’ resumé.

16 Oct 2016 - Career