We all dream of having a better life. For some of us, that means going out of our home country and getting a better-paying job overseas. That means sacrificing all that’s familiar to us. Our friends, our favorite haunts, and most importantly, our families. If there was a way to take them with us, we would have all of them in a moment. The good news is that some countries provide a family visa, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates among them.

Work Overseas and Have Your Family With You
It won’t be idyllic bliss if you don’t plan ahead.

Plan Ahead

As the cliché goes, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. So it is when getting your whole family a visa when you work overseas. Much like when you draw a Master Plan in getting a job overseas, you also need to have a blueprint in moving your family elsewhere. List down the things your family would need, the pitfalls you might encounter, and everything else that occurs to you as you go along. Then sit down with that list and reconcile it with the timeline and costing.

Cost vs Time

It would be an ideal world if we can get all that we want. As overseas workers, we’re familiar with compromise. It would hardly be practical to upend your family’s life for just a year’s contract overseas. Some companies shoulder accommodations for their workers’ families, depending on their position. You would need to ask yourself if having your family with you will still leave you with enough savings to offset being away from your home country. If the visa that your family has been granted allows for your spouse to work, that would consequently be better for you.

Read Up

Work Overseas and Have Your Family With You
Your family should have fun as well.

As always, read up on the country that you are targeting for your overseas job. Not just for you, but also for your family. What is their culture? What are the things you need to avoid doing and the things you need to start doing? Is that country kid-friendly? Are there affordable International Schools where you’ll be assigned to? Will your family have sufficient entertainment when you’re not with them? We’re talking about malls, museums, and entertainment centers here. You can’t really expect your family life to revolve around you alone. You would also need to keep in mind their well-being. Will the medical insurance be covered and/or affordable for your family? These are the questions that you would need to answer before deciding on having your family with you.


Different countries have different requirements in granting a family visa. They also change from time to time. Be careful in reading up from a blog article that was made way back in 2015 as the law might have changed since then. What’s

Work Overseas and Have Your Family With You
Relationship means communication with one another.

ideal is to read up straight from the official website. If that’s not possible (as in the case of Saudi where there’s no English translation), look for the latest articles online.


Finally, don’t plan alone. Because you’ll be making plans for your whole family, communication and setting up their expectations is crucial to making this work. You won’t be successful and your family won’t be happy if their input is disregarded. You might be happy initially because you have them with you, but it will make you miserable in the long term if they’re not content with what’s happening in their lives.

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