Our world is a universe away from the world that our grandparents lived in. My 77-year old aunt is amazed at how adept my 7-year-old nephew is at navigating the tablet, whereas she can’t learn how to book flights online (she finds it easier to just call customer service). When my Aunt was still working, switchboard operators and shorthand typists were jobs that existed. Social media managers, influencers, and vloggers were unheard of and far off into the future. I imagine there would have been quite a furor in offices when computers were first introduced.

Jobs hybridization, streamlining, and downsizings are ways that businesses are reinventing themselves to survive. Reinvention is not just the province of businesses and Lady Gaga, though. You too can reinvent yourself! If you’re struggling in your current job or would like a career makeover.

Embrace change

How to Reinvent Yourself and Start a New Career
Do you sink, swim, or have fun when the waters of change come?

Have you ever heard of a S.W.O.T. analysis? It teaches you that with every change, there is an opportunity as well as a threat. Manage the threat and take advantage of the opportunity. Constant change can be exhausting, but it can consume you if you’re not prepared for it. Reinvent yourself with every change that comes. If your company or organization offers training opportunities, take advantage of it. For example, hospitals purchase new equipment that may replace key personnel. This equipment needs skilled operators and some admins may offer free training and if so, grab it. Not only will it show that you have initiative, it will also look great in your resumé. This will also widen your job options.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is something that we should all do throughout our lives. A study from the Association for Psychological Science has espoused learning physically and mentally challenging skills to keep your mind sharp. Not only that, it also helps us become more indispensable to an organization. I know of a nurse who had to learn further administrative skills when she was tasked with their hospital’s environmental hygiene and educating her co-workers (and even doctors!) in sanitation. She went from being a nurse to becoming a nurse manager.

How to Reinvent Yourself and Start a New Career
You can wear many hats during the course of your working life.

Get your license to practice your profession

I know a lot of people who have studied to become nurses or healthcare professionals but are instead working as call center agents, waitstaff, or medical sales representatives. All because they have not taken the board exams to get their license to practice their profession. Some are so settled into their jobs that they don’t plan on immediately practicing the profession that they have spent their college money on. If you are one of them and thinking that you can still give it a go, don’t waste any more time. Go get your license and start your new career now!

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