It’s an open secret amongst nerds, Middle Earth is located in New Zealand. Well, at least the movies based on the classic novels by J.R.R. Tolkien (the greatest author who ever lived – according to me) are. If you want to soak in all the goodness of Gondor, Hobbiton, and Rivendell, you can go visit New Zealand. What’s more, you can travel and work under a Working Holiday Visa if you belong to one of the countries that New Zealand has an agreement with.

Working Holiday Scheme

Travel and Work in New Zealand
New Zealand is just gorgeous.

New Zealand has an agreement with several countries to allow their citizens to travel and work in New Zealand for six to twelve months. While most first-world countries like Germany, Japan, and the USA have an unlimited number of people that can apply for this visa, some countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are just limited to 100 approved applicants. Once those have been filled-up, the application is closed and the dates when they accept new ones are posted on their website. Re-opening dates vary for different countries.

Criteria to get to travel and work in New Zealand

Although the criteria vary depending on your country of citizenship, there are a few that apply to everyone. Since this visa is targeted towards young people, the age bracket for applicants is from 18 – 30 years old (up to 35 for the select few). You must be able to support yourself whilst there (show that you have at least NZ$4,200.00 upfront plus the cost of plane tickets). If you have previously visited the country using the same visa, you’re no longer eligible. Of course, you must also prove that you’re in good health and of good character.

Travel and Work in New Zealand
Some of the readily available work is for vegetable pickers.

You also cannot bring in a child with you on this visa. You can work legally in New Zealand, but your purpose is mainly for travel.

What you can do in New Zealand

You can legally stay in New Zealand for up to twelve months. Since the primary purpose of your stay is to travel, you can look for work that is temporary in nature. You can also work in your chosen field of profession, but you cannot accept a permanent position. The visa application fees to travel and work in New Zealand is NZ$208.00. You can apply online and it’s payable via Visa or Mastercard. What are you waiting for? Your 31st birthday? Let’s go travel now!