Grows with your career Your Digital CV demonstrates your authenticity to employers, recruiters and your peers. As your skills, experience and accomplishments develop, this can be reflected by adding more verifications (known as TrueProofs) to your profile.
Share your authenticity Provide employers, regulators and authorities with a direct link to your Digital CV page and share it with your professional network via LinkedIn.
All your documents, kept in one place Your Digital CV acts as a digital locker which collates all of your TrueProofs, professional documents, skills and experience and presents them in one professional profile. Your TrueProofs can be accessed, shared and downloaded at any time.
Full control over your data Your TrueProofs are stored on your Digital CV page via blockchain, meaning they are completely secure, tamper-proof while being owned and controlled fully by you. Employers can validate your documents against the blockchain to verify their authenticity.

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