Most workers overseas would find themselves with an overabundance of spare time. After the furor of settling down has died, you may find yourself suddenly at a loss for something to do. If you’re like me and staring at blank walls or watching T.V. for countless hours does not appeal, here are some pretty good options.

Develop your professional skills

How to be Productive in your Spare Time
Enroll in online courses

I know that you will already have scored that great job overseas, but time does not stand still, nor do job descriptions. Improving your professional skills is a great way to pass the time. Not only will it help you in being better at your job, it may get you a higher salary. You can look into enrolling in courses that will give you a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. UP has one, as well as PUP. Another way to invest in yourself is to perhaps turn that Bachelor’s degree into a Masteral one.

Enroll in Free Online Courses

Another way to develop yourself is to enroll in free online courses. Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to code. Codecademy offers free online courses. Or you can make yourself invaluable by learning the native language. Duolingo has a very nice app that you can download for free to learn hundreds of languages. You can even learn them simultaneously! If you’re into technology, the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers free online courses!

Develop Hobbies

How to be Productive in your Spare Time
Embroidery is not just for crotchety old ladies.

Crocheting isn’t just for old ladies and grandmothers. They’re also for people who find stress relief in doing something with their hands without thinking too much about it. If you’re a nurse or a doctor, your profession would entail you being constantly on your toes because someone’s life is dependent on your vigilance. Sometimes, doing something mindless for once is bliss. There is something amusing about a surgeon finding relief in embroidery, you must admit. You can also do those viral colouring books, see for yourself how soothing mindless tasks can be.

Write, and even publish!

If you like to write, you can go into calligraphy, or you can write a journal. You can blog about your travels and give pointers about how to get somewhere. Even better, you can develop your talent as a writer and enroll in a writing workshop. The University of Iowa offers a free interactive distance learning. You can get feedback for your work and critique others. If you’re productive and you think you have a winner, you can self-publish an ebook on Amazon!

How to be Productive in your Spare Time
Develop your talent!

Being in a different country can be a lonely undertaking. It will be up to you to look on it as a new beginning, a prod to spread newfound wings and soar!

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