This December will be the last month of the decade. It’s not only the year that’s coming to a close, but we’ll be saying goodbye to the 2010s. For most of you, you may have finished both high school and earned a degree during this time. What a decade this has been, and it’s time to look forward to the years ahead.

Your dreams in increments

Goal Setting Year
Remember to set aside resources for your goals.

We’ve already tackled the reasons why you should create your life goals. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to buckle down to nailing the details of how you’re going to achieve all that you’ve set out to do. Let’s say your goals are that you want a house, a car, a family, and to work abroad to fulfill those. Unless you’ve won the lottery, you can’t seriously think that you’ll be able to buy a house within a short span of time. Or a car, for that matter. Even bagging a job overseas takes time and effort. The key is to break it down in a time-driven manner.

Long-term and short-term

Planning for a year is considered a short-term plan when it comes to your life goals. It can be hard to envision what you want to do within a year if you don’t put it in context. For example, your game plan is to get a healthcare job overseas. You need to lay the groundwork for this over a number of years. You need the education, training, license, and the necessary work experience before you can even consider applying for one. Let’s say that you’ve already done those and you’re ready to embark on the rounds of application next year. Set a deadline and work from there.

What are the particulars?

Going from the example of wanting a job abroad and you already put in the needed work experience, you now need to gather your documents and have them verified. What’s your timeline for this? How long does it take for you to get a Transcript of Record from your university? How long does it take to verify your documents? Do you need to undergo a certification like the Prometric exam? These can all be done within the span of a year.


Goal Setting Year
Look forward to the year ahead.

In planning, you can’t ignore the resources that are available to you. Sometimes, all the plans that you laid out can get derailed because you simply don’t have money. You have to take into consideration the fact that to achieve something, you have to invest time and/or money into it. Don’t forget to factor in how much resources are needed to achieve your goals.

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