As a new college graduate, you will feel that the world is your oyster, that this is the start of an exciting chapter in your great life. Then you trudge around looking for jobs. And you trudge some more. And you trudge along until your funds are exhausted. You may settle for a job and toil for some time. Then you ask yourself, “Is this it? Is this what life has to offer me? Isn’t there supposed to be more?”

Expectations vs. Reality

What you experience after graduation may be a far cry from what you imagined your life to be while you were studying. Pop culture has preconditioned us to expect life to be all highs, not the doldrums of everyday life. Tempering your expectations is better for your overall satisfaction. It does not mean that you should stop pursuing new experiences, though, it’s just that life won’t be all fun and games. Life will still be what it was like before you graduated, it’s just that you now have to do that dreaded thing: adulting.

Life Advice for New College Graduates

Your job may not be what you trained for

I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. But I took up Marketing because “there’s no money in writing.” I got employed in a big bank writing up press releases for our corporate communications department, then became a marketing and sales officer for a different bank. Now here I am, writing articles that I love. It’s funny how life works out in serendipitous ways. You may not get the job that you set your sights on, but there’s no harm in taking on what life throws at you.

Experience is what you’ll get along the way

Do you know how job ads look for new grads but ask for at least two years experience? Yeah, like duh! Just go ahead and apply for that job, they won’t weed out your resumé there and then. I got hired for a job when I was nineteen and they were looking for twenty-one-year-olds and above. Not everybody is qualified on paper. What’s important is showing your willingness to adapt and learn.

Life Advice for New College Graduates
You are the potter of your life’s vase.

Nobody knows what they’re doing

All the adults around you are also figuring (expletive deleted) out. Nobody knows the answer to everything. Like one of my colleagues said when I was ranting out about messing things up: We do the best we can.