Call center agents do what is called a ‘recap’ at the end of a call. Recapping gives you the summary of what happened during the conversation and what will be done to resolve whatever it is you called for. It also provides the caller of the steps that were done to troubleshoot or what you need to do next. You can say it is a review of what transpired during the call. It serves as a reminder too, if you forgot to bring up something, as well as checking to see if you fully understood the issue.

Let’s say you called to find out how to place an elephant inside the fridge. After the call, the agent would say, “What we did is opened the fridge, put the elephant inside it, and closed the fridge.” This is of course, a highly hypothetical scenario. What if you forgot to tell the agent that there is a monkey currently inside the fridge? The recap is the time when you can remember the elephant won’t fit because of the monkey inside.

The Art of Recapping

Recapping is not only useful in a call. It is also a useful tool when you’re trying to learn something. A pause to recap or review what you’ve learned and to summarize in your own words what you’ve understood imprints knowledge better. Recapping something makes it stick in your mind. Reviewing provides you with better judgement on what has transpired.

Review Your Year

Review Your Year: The Art of Recapping

Every new year gives us a sense of hope and a sense of starting over. It also makes sense to review the previous year to see why you need to start over and what you need to work on. You can look back to the past year’s resolutions and check if you have accomplished or at least taken steps towards what you set out to do. You can analyse what happened and if your goals were realistic in the first place – this will give you a good starting point to create your goals for the year ahead.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Every person wants to feel good about themselves and oftentimes this is a result of a sense of achievement. In your year-end review, don’t beat yourself up over each perceived failure. It’s a sure way to get demotivated and won’t help when it comes to making plans for the future. Plus, many of the most accomplished people faced several failures before they succeeded – even Steve Jobs, so you’re in great company. 

Instead, celebrate your accomplishments. Flaunt the number of books you’ve read, the places you’ve travelled to, and don’t forget the small victories, no matter how small. If you’ve made small steps towards achieving your goals then you’re further than when you started. 

Journey to Self-Discovery

Recapping your year gives you that emotional distance to evaluate and understand yourself more. You can see where you’ve failed and observe your accomplishments and strengths. It can become your journey to self-discovery when you have analyzed what it is about yourself that made your year more successful or less accomplished. And because the new year is just around the corner, you can look forward to a better life with all that you have learned so far.

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