Dubai is the most famous of the seven emirates – the United Arab Emirates. Finding a healthcare job in this city is pretty easy, that’s if you know where to look. There’s also the little matter of the pre-employment screening process. The good news is that if you get that done ahead of time – like in the case of document verification – that’s one of the biggest hurdles done.

Find Healthcare Job Dubai
A PSV report is required to get a healthcare license in Dubai.

Just to cover a bit of background with document verification, you are required to get a PSV report done on your credentials. This is in order to get your license to practice your profession (We have previously covered how to get licensed as a nurse in Dubai in a prior article). has designated bundles for it depending on your profession. Once you have that accomplished and you’ve got your license, you’ll find it easier to bag that dream job. Don’t forget though, that it’s highly recommended that you get some years of experience behind you before you try applying.

Ready your online resumé

Find Healthcare Job Dubai
Build your online resumé using your myTrueProfile page.

With recent advancements in technology, the modern job application process means that most of the searches and applications are done remotely. What this means is that your resumé should be supercharged. This does not mean that you stuff it full of keywords like “health care”. It just means that your resumé should not only grab attention, but also rank highly in the search results. If you’re a Member of, toggle your Contact Settings on your myTrueProfile page to public so that your CV is searchable. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile also showcases your verified credentials

Use social media

Find Healthcare Job Dubai

LinkedIn is a veritable fount of information when it comes to available healthcare jobs in Dubai. You can even choose to set up alerts for the job title and location of your choice. For example, once you click the Jobs icon, the website will ask you for the job title and location. For example, type in “nurse.” You don’t need to specify Registered Nurse as this will narrow down the list. At the bottom left corner of the search results page, you would see the “Create alert for this search” radio button. Simple turn it on to get emails for when new job positions open up.

Overseas applications

If you’re overseas, what you can do is coordinate your job search via your government’s respective authority for Dubai jobs. In the Philippines, they have a specialized agency set up to help migrant workers called the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). The agency has a website where you can view existing job offers sorted by country, job position, or manpower agency. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs have their registration for Recruiting Agents (RAs). They have a downloadable list of RAs that you can contact for available jobs in Dubai. Just choose the RA nearest you and go from there.

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