If your dream is to get a job abroad but you don’t know how or where to start, you’re not alone. I’ve known people who say they want to work overseas but never do anything. I have also seen netizens leave their phone numbers and email addresses on comments in a company’s Facebook page. The chances are slim that you’ll be getting that job and great chances that your data can be stolen. You don’t need to look far, though, as we’ll give you great tips on how to get a job abroad.

First, do you have the right qualifications?

Desire to work overseas is all well and good, but you also need to fit the bill. You need to have the qualifications and the work experience. Fluency in English is a must if you’re a professional, while for blue-collar workers, you need to at least know how to communicate in the language. I know of an oil-rig worker in Texas who knew precisely two words in English: yes and no. I don’t know how he got hired but he did, so luck also plays its part.

Consult your government agencies

How Do You Get a Job Abroad?
Use internet wisely.

Gone are the days when we have to queue for days when we need government assistance. Or if we need to get information. Governments have discovered the magic of the internet and so should you. In the Philippines, the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) lists all job orders in their website, along with all the agencies and their phone numbers. They also have a dedicated website for working abroad, titled aptly: workabroad.ph. In India, they have the eMigrate website, under the Ministry of External Affairs, Overseas Employment Division.

Create your myTrueProfile digital resumé

Building your digital resumé is made easy when you do it with TrueProfile.io. Plus you can share it with employers, regulators, and authorities worldwide. If you have your TrueProofs, it gets showcased and instantly gives you a boost in employability. Update your Contact Settings to public so that employers with relevant job opportunities can contact you.

Sign up with job aggregators

Each country has its own local job aggregator, but there are pan-regional ones that you can sign up for as well. Job sites are also not to be scoffed at. There is Indeed – a job aggregator; Jobstreet, Gumtree classifieds, the list is endless. You can end up overwhelmed with the number of jobs available for you, but the number of applicants will be overwhelming as well.

Get a job abroad by standing out

The competition to get a job abroad can be very stiff, so you need to stand out. Your resumé needs to have a great first page. Show your English skills by showcasing that you have scored well in IELTS. And best of all, indicate your readiness to work by having your documents already verified by DataFlow if you’re a healthcare professional.