Have you seen that ad that promises a healthcare job abroad with no work experience needed? Yup, I bet you have. I bet my bottom dollar that it got your imagination going if you are a fresh graduate with dreams of getting a job overseas. Dreams of living abroad, traveling like a trust-fund baby, Instagram-worthy pictures, and glamorous parties afterwards. Hold your horses, baby, and let’s take a reality check.

work experience job abroad
Your dreams will not come true with a fake experience certificate.

No experience needed

There are employers that don’t mind if you are fresh graduates. There are strict employers who want only experienced health professionals. The question is, why would an employer pick you over an experienced employee for almost the same wage? Chances are slim that they will.

Scam artists

There are also agencies who will promise to get you a job abroad even if you don’t have any experience. Remember that employers like these are rare, and that you will be competing against the thousands who have graduated with you. Do you know how the agencies get away with it? They fake your employment experience certificates. Who will suffer the consequences if you get busted? You.

How much work experience do you need?

Most employers and country regulators ask for the last two to three years employment. Your three years experience working as a nurse ten years ago won’t count when you’ve been working as a call center agent in the years since. Most employers and regulators want the last three years experience that you have, not a cumulative total.

work experience job abroad
Do you really have experience in patching people up?

Never fake your documents

Isn’t that just fabulous. Getting all the rewards without undergoing all the hard work. Not. Some agencies would advise that you alter your certificates of employment. Some would even present a certificate of employment that you have not provided. Like, you worked there, but not on the dates in your document. Or, you have never worked at a facility at all but you have the papers to prove it. With fake documents, you can get offloaded, deported, or worse, jailed. I can never reiterate how important it is to be upfront about your credentials.

Play the long game

Unless you graduated with honors, there is very little that would separate you from the pack. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have a chance anymore of getting to work overseas. It just means that you have to be wise about it. Get your experience and be focused on the long-term. Two to three years is nothing compared to a lifetime of living your dreams.