If you are still scouring the Sunday newspapers for the ‘help wanted’ section, that’s literally old news. Traditional media, including newspapers, are closing down left and right because almost everybody gets their news online now. Even grandmothers are reading about the latest events on Facebook and most jobs are posted online now. So, how do you use social media to get a job?

Update your resumé

As Stephen Covey said: First things first. Does your resumé still include your college highlights from ten years ago? If so, you badly need to update your resumé. Do you even have your current responsibilities included there? Professional advice: objectives are out, a professional summary is in. Think about your desired position and think what are the qualifications that headhunters are looking for when they are hiring? Use these keywords on your resumé to increase the chances of you getting included in the search results.

Get digital

Use your myTrueProfile page as a digital resumé. Best of all, you can showcase your verified credentials and share them with potential employers. In addition, you can transfer your reports to regulators and authorities of your choice should they require a PSV report.


Sign up for LinkedIn and update your profile with all of your career information. Even better, ask former managers and colleagues to endorse you or write a recommendation. Try to find out who the leading recruiters are in your field, follow their pages and profiles so that their vacancies appear on your feed. LinkedIn is a valuable site when it comes to job hunting as not only are there jobs advertised there, they also email you jobs that you might be interested in. There are some instances where you will be contacted by a recruiter who got your information from the site.

Search networking sites

Use Social Media Job
There are jobs posted on social media sites.

Some recruiting agencies join Facebook forums and post jobs wanted ads on relevant ones. Tip: join specialized Facebook forums that focus on job hunting. Manpower agencies also use Twitter to post hiring needs. Search these social networking sites and use relevant keywords or hashtags to look for jobs. For example, if you’re a nurse looking for a job in Dubai, just type in “nurse job Dubai” or use hashtags.

Use sound judgment

As in real life, there are a lot of scammers, more so because they don’t have to show their faces. Use your sound judgment when dealing with someone online. Remember the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Don’t hand over money to someone who says that it is part of the job application process. It’s a good rule of thumb to corroborate their sources. For example, if someone says that X company needs Medical Technicians, look up X company’s presence online and see if they have any contact information. Don’t succumb to pressure especially if the primary means of contact with the recruiter is just via Facebook messenger.

Use Social Media Job
Most companies do their employee onboarding process online now.

Pages and reviews

If you have a particular company that you want to join, like or follow their pages on their company social media pages. For example, for TrueProfile.io, we have our own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, and of course, our blog. You can also search for employee reviews on the company that you are targeting, with most employee reviews done on glassdoor.com. This way, you can judge for yourself if the company is taking good care of their employees.

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