Supporting Nurses Every Day of the Year

We love supporting nurses and their careers today and every day of the year. Meet just one of our incredible Members, Filipino nurse, Riza:

12 May 2022 - Member Interviews
Boost your Healthcare Career with

Your account can boost your career in more ways than one. Find out how to unlock the magic of your Membership here:

11 May 2022 - Career
In Conversation With: A Lebanese Psychologist in the UAE

Carla Chedid is a Psychologist from Lebanon living in the UAE. She chose her career path to cure people and help them live a better life.

3 May 2022 - Member Interviews
I Got a Nursing Job Overseas With Jobs

Tinu got hired in Northern Ireland after she applied for a nursing job on Jobs. She discusses her experience working overseas:

25 Apr 2022 - Member Interviews
How Can English Fluency Benefit Healthcare Workers?

It’s essential to prove your English fluency if you want to work in healthcare overseas. But how does English really benefit healthcare workers?

In Conversation With: A British Dental Surgeon in Oman

We spoke to British Dental Surgeon, Zia Ul Haq about how dentistry allows him to combine his love of science with creativity. Read more:

19 Apr 2022 - Member Interviews
The Differences Between IELTS and OET

IELTS and OET are language tests that determine competency in the English language. Find out about their similarities and differences:

In Conversation With: An Indian Orthodontist

We spoke to an Indian Orthodontist about how to keep our mouths sparkling, dentophobia and the darker side of neglecting your oral health.

12 Apr 2022 - Member Interviews
Here's How to Get a Nursing Job in the UK

Are you looking to get a nursing job in the UK? If so, here are the 4 steps you need to follow and prepare to get one!

11 Apr 2022 - Nurses