How To Find International Healthcare Jobs

Some of the best places for healthcare workers to find international healthcare jobs are social media, recruitment agencies and job boards.

2 Feb 2023 - Career
Pre-Employment Screening: What Healthcare Applicants Need To Know

Are you looking for an overseas healthcare job? It’s important to understand pre-employment screening before you apply for any position.

30 Jan 2023 - Document Verification
January Healthcare News Roundup

Our latest healthcare news includes a new drug to replace injections, two new medical devices and clinical trials to keep an eye on in 2023.

26 Jan 2023 - Healthcare News
6 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Healthcare Over the Next 10 Years

The fastest-growing jobs in healthcare include several professions experiencing growth at a much faster rate than average. They include…

25 Jan 2023 - Career
In Conversation With: A Filipino Dental Nurse in the UAE

We caught up with Nina Lopez, a Filipino Dental Nurse working in the UAE. Hear her story and find out her top tips for oral hygiene.

23 Jan 2023 - Member Interviews
What is it like to be a nurse in Qatar?

Being a nurse in Qatar can be a rewarding and enriching experience. Here's some reasons why someone might choose to pursue this career.

21 Jan 2023 - Life Abroad
The Help-A-Friend Scholarship Fund: Invite Your Friends to Win US$300!

Share your unique referral link and get $5 in account credits for each friend who signs up! Apply for the Help-A-Friend Scholarship here:

In Conversation With: A Filipino Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Riza de Castro tells us why she took her nursing career international, what top skills nurses need and the most challenging parts of her job.

16 Jan 2023 - Member Interviews
7 Reasons To Choose a Career in Healthcare

A career in healthcare has its benefits. From plenty of career choices, job security, and competitive salaries, to travel opportunities, there are many reasons to choose a career in healthcare.

10 Jan 2023 - Career