How To Verify Your Degree From India

Living in India and applying for a job overseas? You will need to verify your degree from India first! Find out how:

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Is Now a Good Time to Search for a New Nursing Job?

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How Much Healthcare Work Experience Do I Need To Work Overseas?

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4 Ways to Find a Healthcare Job Overseas

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myTrueProfile Digital CV Highlights: Good Standing

Add your Good Standing Certificate on your myTrueProfile digital CV!

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9 Tips For Returning to Nursing

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7 Tips to Create a Digital Nursing CV

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How to Find a Job as a Doctor in Saudi Arabia

As part of Vision 2030, KSA is recruiting qualified doctors. We discuss everything you need to find a job as a doctor in Saudi Arabia.

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myTrueProfile Digital CV Highlights: Personal Info

What is a digital CV without your personal information?

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