There are times in your life when you’re not aware that you are crying out for a change. A change in jobs, career, location, people you associate with. These are the three most obvious signs that you’re ready for a change.

You don’t want to get up from your bed

Three Signs that You're Ready for a Change
You and your bed: still a better love story than Twilight.

It’s Monday morning and your first alarm rings. You hit the snooze button and thirty minutes later, you’re still in bed, trying to bargain with the gods for five more minutes. Motivation is one thing whose absence is truly felt when trying to peel your body away from that bed. You scrabble for anything, any inspiration at all to make it worth your while. You think about how many late time-ins you can get away with before getting fired, or if you can call in sick about that PMS you just had a week ago. Time for a change.

You’re bored and do stupid things

You’re bored because you’re not being challenged intellectually or physically. As the old saying goes, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. When you’re bored, you tend to do stupid things just to see how it will go off. Just like challenging the fortitude of your boss by showing up late everyday for a week. When you’re bored, you also tend to nitpick and pick a quarrel for the most inane issues. Tempers flare up easily. You need a change, man.

Your stress shows in your body

You don’t need people to tell you that you look tired, you feel it. Stress can also trigger illness; from the most benign like dandruff, to psoriasis, to something life-threatening like an asthma attack. If your lifestyle or job or another person is already causing so much stress it’s affecting your health, you need to stir things up. You desperately need a change.

Three Signs that You're Ready for a Change
Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s time to change.

Ready for a change

Listen to the signs that’s telling you it’s time to move on. Whether it’s from a relationship, a job, career path, or even a country. Not growing as a person or getting any upward mobility in your career is a sign that you need to shake things up. Don’t be stagnant, you’ll get old early.  Change need not be feared, as it can be the start of a great chapter in your life. Change jobs, change locations. Why not go abroad and finally get your dream job? What’s important is you take one step forward.