Are you fed up waiting for that next promotion? Or, are rejection emails from job applications getting you down? Regain control over your career progression with our training tools. has the tools you need to take your career to the next level. Browse our online learning modules which provide comprehensive preparation courses for your OET or IELTS exam, designed to help healthcare professionals thrive in their international career.

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Reach OET B Taster In this taster course, you'll study some of the Reach OET B modules to get an insight of how the full course can help you pass with at least a B in the OET exam.
Reach OET B Full Course Designed specifically to cater for medical terminology, this course will help to help you ace a B in the OET exam and will ensure you have excellent communication skills for your day-to-day working environment.
Reach IELTS Taster In this taster course, you study some of the Reach IELTS modules so that you can determine if this course is the right option for you.
Reach IELTS Full Course Reach IELTS modules are organised in a paper by paper focus and multi-media learning to help you pass the final exam.

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