believes in spearheading the use of innovative, secure technology in serving our Members and Business Partners alike. We don’t stop when our goals have been achieved, we continue to look for ways to make our processes and products better. This is why we are proud to introduce to you our newest product, TrueIdentity!

Identity Verification Help Job uses the Ethereum Blockchain technology to store your TrueIdentity.

TrueIdentity is a blockchain-secured identity verification service that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and facial-recognition software. It can verify your identity instantly, with a liveliness and quality check done by a live person. In plain English, your identity is checked via your phone camera, recognized by a computer software. Once that’s done, you get to have a TrueIdentity icon checkmark on your myTrueProfile page. Think of Kim Kardashian on Instagram with a blue checkmark beside her profile pic. 

We have partnered with IDNow AutoIdent, the premier provider of identity verification in Europe, to provide our Members with a legally secure solution in ID verification. Their leading partners consists of banks, financial technology firms and telecommunication companies.

What’s in it for you?

Our verification solutions are recognized worldwide, with GCC regulators requiring our PSV reports. In the US, the Missouri State Board of Nursing requires identity verification using our services. When you get a TrueIdentity, you present yourself as a trustworthy candidate. verified, powered by DataFlow

Identity Verification Help Job
Present yourself as a trustworthy candidate with a TrueIdentity.

Present your verified identity with the power of DataFlow authentication behind you. Employers, particularly in the healthcare industry, know the value of a DataFlow report. Some recruiters even put a premium for a DataFlow-verified candidate. 

Premium on searchability

Job application processes differ nowadays with modern technology influencing the way that recruiters sift through applicants. Online job portals, job aggregators, and business social media necessitate the use of keywords in looking for qualified applicants. When employers are looking for verified candidates, you will be on top of the search results!

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