As a doctor, you want to be the one who has experienced it all and hobnobbed with the leading consultants in their field. Imagine having cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, where it’s not just a question of using the latest high-resolution CT scans but whether to also use AI and VR as diagnostic tools to supplement it. See yourself coordinating with fellows from Johns Hopkins and Cornell University about a peculiar case that you’re working on. With the U.A.E. healthcare expenditure expected to grow to US$3.6B by 2030, Dubai is the place to be if you’re a doctor looking to expand your horizons. 

License to practice

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Getting a Primary Source Verified (PSV) report for your credentials is a requirement to practice your profession in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. When you get the report as a TrueProof, you get the flexibility of getting it ahead of time, and independent of the regulators. This means that you can send it to your authority of choice. This basic requirement is a must, and not having your documents verified means delays in your onboarding.

Update your resumé

Job Doctor Dubai

Once you have your TrueProofs, make sure to update your resumé and your myTrueProfile page. Update your Contact Settings, and under the “myTrueProfile Share Options,” allow access so that interested employers can find you. You can also readily forward your digital resumé to potential employers or transfer it to regulators for your licensing requirements. Additionally, you can display your verified credentials via business social media like LinkedIn

LinkedIn profile

Most doctors are considered executive-level, and subsequently are recruited differently. Most headhunters have LinkedIn as their playground, and so must you. Make sure to share your TrueProof on your profile to differentiate yourself from the rest of the herd.  

Targeted job aggregators and sites

Not all job aggregator sites will cater to the healthcare sector. Some sites might even focus extensively on nurses with no listings for doctors. No sweat though, as most websites have search functions, with advanced settings. You don’t even need to sign up to search for jobs. You can sign up if you see that they do have available jobs wanted ads for what you’re looking for.

Job Doctor Dubai

Networks and referrals

Sometimes, a job gets filled up before it even gets advertised. The secret to snagging that coveted job is by letting your network know that you’re open to opportunities. Be active on social media, engage in discussions that add to your image, and build your own “brand.” Being top of mind when people think of doctors is sometimes all you need to get referred.