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Pre-Employment Screening: What Healthcare Applicants Need To Know

Are you looking for an overseas healthcare job? It’s important to understand pre-employment screening before you apply for any position.

30 Jan 2023 - Document Verification
MBRU Applicants: How to Verify Your Education Degree

How to verify your degree with as an MBRU Applicant.

22 Dec 2021 - Document Verification
London College of Osteopathic Medicine (LCOM) Applicants: How to Verify your Work Experience and Education Degree

We show LCOM applicants how to verify their work experience and education degree as required by the London College of Osteopathic Medicine.

16 Dec 2021 - Document Verification
6 Reasons Why Healthcare Employers Prefer Pre-Verified Candidates

A 30% increase in employment fraud is just one reason why healthcare employers prefer to engage with pre-verified candidates.

13 Dec 2021 - Document Verification
6 Reason To Verify Your Documents

Here are 6 compelling reasons as to why you should verify your documents ahead of searching for a job opportunity locally or overseas:

11 Dec 2021 - Document Verification
How To Verify Your Degree From India

Living in India and applying for a job overseas? You will need to verify your degree from India first! Find out how:

28 Nov 2021 - Document Verification
How To Create the Ultimate Digital CV

Find out how to create the ultimate digital CV with so international employers can contact you for exciting job opportunities!

21 Sep 2021 - Document Verification
4 Steps to Appeal Your 'Unable To Verify' Report

Don’t let an 'Unable to Verify' report deter you from your dream career. Here are 4 ways to appeal your result and reverify your documents.

12 Sep 2021 - Document Verification
Complete Your Identity Verification for the Department of Health Abu Dhabi

If you received an identity verification request from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, find out how to get your identity verified quickly.

How to Download Your PSV Report from

You have several options to choose from if you want to download your PSV report from

The Verification Process Explained

Learn how the team processes Primary Source Verification for documents.

27 Dec 2020 - Document Verification
Share Your TrueProof in 4 Easy Steps

A step-by-step guide on how to share your TrueProof.

16 Nov 2020 - Document Verification
Getting Verified Credentials Promotes Your Patients’ Safety supports World Patient Safety Day.

15 Sep 2020 - Document Verification
COVID-19: Preparing for the Aftermath of the Pandemic

The pandemic may have hampered our day-to-day lives, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no end to it.

26 May 2020 - Document Verification
Why You Should Verify Your Documents Now

Fast-track your deployment overseas when you pre-verify your credentials with!

20 Apr 2020 - Document Verification
COVID-19: Department of Health Abu Dhabi 'issuing licences as normal'

The DoH in Abu Dhabi is issuing temporary licenses to encourage healthcare professionals to apply in the Emirate.

13 Apr 2020 - Document Verification
COVID-19: Healthcare Professionals Needed Around the Globe

Healthcare professionals are at a premium right now, with countries vying to hire the best workers.

13 Apr 2020 - Career
5 Reasons Why You Should Get a TrueProof for Your Credentials

A TrueProof gets you instant trust with international employers looking for qualified professionals.

24 Mar 2020 - Document Verification
Get Hired Faster with TrueIdentity

Getting a TrueIdentity will get you noticed by international employers and recruiters who value background screening.

14 Jan 2020 - Career
How to Appeal a Negative or Unable to Verify Result

Learn how to inquire about the results of your Primary Source Verified (PSV) report from

3 Ways that Identity Verification Can Help You Get a Job

Prospective employees will sit up and take notice when you present yourself as a trusted candidate with a TrueIdentity.

5 Dec 2019 - Career
How Do Background Checks Affect Hiring Decisions?

Does the result of a background check affect whether you get hired or not?

TrueProofs: What Can You Do With Your Verified Documents?

Your verified credentials can be your ticket to a stellar career!

16 Sep 2019 - Document Verification
How to Verify Your Degree from the Philippines

You can verify your degree from the Philippines and anywhere in the world with

23 Aug 2019 - Document Verification
What Does Pre-employment Screening Mean for an Applicant?

These are the things to expect when you are undergoing a pre-employment screening as a potential candidate.

What Can I Do If My Background Check Comes Back Negative?

You still have options to take even if your background check comes back as negative.

22 Jul 2019 - Document Verification
Pre-employment Background Checks: What Do They Show?

These are the usual things that appear on an employment background check.

30 Jun 2019 - Document Verification
What Happens During an Employment Background Verification?

Find out what areas are looked into when companies conduct employment background verification.

13 Jun 2019 - Document Verification
The Document Verification Process Explained

The document verification process explained in layman’s terms.

How Long Does it Take to Get Verified with

How long will it take to get your credentials verified with Plus tips to fast-track your verification!

16 May 2019 - Document Verification
How to Transfer Your DataFlow Report to

It’s easy to transfer your old DataFlow-verified PSV report to your new account!

Which Certificates Can I Verify Online?

What are the documents and certificates that can be verified online by

18 Apr 2019 - Document Verification
How to Check Your Verification Status

You can monitor the status of your document verification with easily!

25 Mar 2019 - Document Verification
How to Verify Your Degree with

Present yourself as a trusted candidate to international employers. Verify your degree with now!

11 Mar 2019 - Document Verification®'s Document Verification Services Explained

Put your best foot forward with verified credentials.

25 Jul 2018 - Document Verification
Oman Healthcare Professional License: What You Need to Know

The requirements to get a healthcare professional license in Oman, explained in simple terms.

30 Jan 2018 - Document Verification
Letter of Authorization, Red Ribbon, and DataFlow: What You Need to Know

Learn how to differentiate an apostille from a Primary Source Verified (PSV) report.

27 Dec 2017 - Document Verification
What does Unable To Verify or Negative Mean for DataFlow Reports?

What to do if you’ve got a Primary Source Verified report that turned out to have a discrepancy or an unable to verify result.

22 Nov 2017 - Document Verification
Get a DataFlow Report in 6 Easy Steps!

Not sure how to get a Primary Source Verification (PSV) DataFlow Report with Follow this guide to see exactly how to do it!

27 Oct 2017 - Document Verification
How Background Screening Protects Communities

Background screening serves as the gatekeeper to protect the interest of the general public.

22 Sep 2017 - Document Verification and Background Screening: What it Means

Background screening and document verification is at the heart of what does.

How to Fast-track Your DataFlow Verification

We’ve provided a printable checklist so that you can get your PSV report faster!

28 Jun 2017 - Document Verification
Your Gameplan to Getting a Healthcare Job Overseas

Here’s a roadmap of what you need to do if your goal is to get a job abroad.

20 Jun 2017 - Career
Why is Background Screening important?

Candidates and employers alike should welcome background checks.

Primary Source Verification (PSV) and DataFlow - A Primer

What is Primary Source Verification and what it can do for you.

29 Mar 2017 - Document Verification
Get Your PSV Report with

You can get your DataFlow-verified PSV report from!

22 Mar 2017 - Document Verification
Own Your DataFlow Report with

Your PSV report is YOURS to keep, forever!

10 Feb 2017 - Document Verification
5 Steps in Getting Licensed as a Health Professional in Bahrain

Read our guide on how to get your professional healthcare license in Bahrain.

20 Jan 2017 - Document Verification
Applying to the GCC? Get DataFlow-verified once - own it forever!

Applying for a job in the GCC region as a healthcare professional? You need to get verified credentials!

Why is PSV of Documents for Medical Staff Critical?

Conducting Primary Source Verification for healthcare workers protects not just the community but also the staff themselves.

Abu Dhabi Licensing for Registered Nurses

These are the requirements for you to get a nursing license in Abu Dhabi.

How to Get a Nursing License in Qatar

A guide on how to get a professional nursing license in Qatar as a foreign-trained nurse.

How to Register as a Health Practitioner in Saudi Arabia

You can apply for a professional healthcare license to practice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in advance.

25 Aug 2016 - Document Verification
How to become a Nurse in Dubai

Be ready with your documents if you want to become a nurse in Dubai.

27 Jun 2016 - Document Verification