Communities are formed when a group of people have the same interests and a common goal. Trust is intrinsic in a way that you expect the community cogs to fulfill its assigned role. When an outsider is brought in to fill a vacant position, it’s but natural to be wary. Background screening is a community’s way of ensuring members of the group that the status quo will be retained. That our life will run as usual.

Background Screening Protects Communities

How Background Screening Protects Communities
It protects your loved ones, too!

Background screening’s main purpose is to protect the community. If these were an ideal world, a background investigation would not be needed, but it’s not. Fraudsters abound, and for us to continue our trust in our institutions, we need to ensure that positions of trust are filled with capable people.

Types of Screening

The simplest way to do a background screening is to do an identity check. We need to ensure that a person really is who he says he is.  Another way is to verify the credentials presented. Did the person really get the degree that he says he passed with flying colors? Or did he just barely qualify? If a person says he can do surgery with his eyes closed, but really is just barely acquainted with a scalpel, the patient will have a real problem.

The Character Matters

How Background Screening Protects Communities
Background screening is on the lookout for shady characters.

People filling positions of trust also need to have their characters vouched for. What if he were to handle money for a non-profit company? If he had a prior burglary offense, it would be hard for you as a donor to still entrust your money to the company. The company donees also lose out should this person steal money intended for them. There is a Filipino idiom that says “A lie is theft’s brother”. A person who finds it easy to lie will find it easy to steal. A person who lies in their resumé is not a person to trust.

Impact to the Community

Imagine if a great job you were qualified for was given to a person who faked their degree. You and other qualified applicants had their chances stolen because background screening was not done. Imagine a fake doctor let loose on an unsuspecting hospital. I don’t need to draw a picture how horrifying that would be. In conclusion, background screening to protect communities is not just a luxury, it is a necessity.