If you are a healthcare professional targeting a job in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, particularly in Oman, you need to know several things. First and foremost, regulators in the GCC region do not let you practice without certifying that you are competent and that your documents are real. In Oman, the regulator that oversees the equivalency certification is the Oman Medical Specialty Board. They require that qualified foreign healthcare professionals undergo the Prometric exam and get documents verification from DataFlow.

Oman Medical Specialty Board

The OMSB is a self-governing regulator with a vision encapsulated in the word LIFE. They want to develop able Leaders, as well as monitor the Impact of their leaders’ initiatives. To further advance the medical professions, they will evaluate healthcare professionals’ Fitness to practice. And finally, foster an environment that’s promotive to further Education.

OMSB oversees and administers exams both locally and internationally. Aside from local exams, they have contracted Prometric to dispense medical exams. It also supervises the evaluation of professional licenses issued by other countries. Before they validate documents though, they make sure it’s authentic by having DataFlow issue a PSV Report on it.


Oman license Prometric

Of the questions that are most asked about in getting an Oman Healthcare Professional license, it’s about the Prometric exam. Some people are asking if they need to get DataFlow first before taking the exam, or vice versa. As a clarification, neither is a requirement of the other. It would be up to you if you want to take the Prometric test first or DataFlow first. Another question that often arises is how to get the Prometric for OMSB. There is a step by step guide on the websites of both the provider and the regulator, just click on the links to view.

As with most examinations, people get apprehensive about taking it. They want to know about the questions asked, which of course we would not be able to provide. What is available on the OMSB website is the coverage of the exam. For nurses, in particular, the exam coverage is about 2.5 hours long, with 100 multiple choice questions. Please visit the OMSB website or click on the link for a more comprehensive FAQ.


OMSB requires for your documents to be verified as authentic by The DataFlow Group. You can opt to do this ahead of time (even before you get an employer) by signing up with TrueProfile.io. The great thing about this is that you are not tied up to one regulator in the GCC. If you change your mind midway through your Oman application, you can choose to transfer your PSV Report from TrueProfile.io to any regulator that you prefer. Once you have a chosen employer, OMSB will now evaluate your documents. Once your qualification is awarded equivalency from OMSB, you will be issued your license to work.