If you’re a health professional who has applied for a job in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, you will be familiar with DataFlow. Accordingly, you will also know that a Letter of Authorization is required. It is entirely possible that your documents also have a Red Ribbon or attestation. We know that sorting the documents and its processing can be confusing. You don’t need to worry, though, we’ll clear it up for you.

Letter Authorization Red Ribbon DataFlow
Get all your documents in order.


The DataFlow Group ensures that professionals really have the qualifications for the job. We do that by doing Primary Source Verification (PSV) on the documents presented by applicants like you. And because we will be investigating its authenticity, we would need a Letter of Authorization from you. This letter will give us permission to call your document’s Issuing Authority. Furthermore, this authorizes us to relay that information to a named third party.

Letter of Authorization and Your Country’s Data Privacy Act

Most countries have a Data Privacy Act. It mainly functions to protect an individual’s right to safeguard his personal information. Meaning a company like The DataFlow Group cannot gather personal data without explicit or written permission from the owner. For example, your Diploma and Transcript of Records are about your educational information. DataFlow cannot just up and call your University to ask if the diploma is real. We would need a signed Authorization Letter for that. Some colleges even require a notarized Letter of Authorization. It’s also needed in order to relay the information to a third party, let’s say to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Cause of Delay

The DataFlow Group secures your agreement to our verification process through our Letter of Authorization. In fact, if you were contacted by DataFlow about this, that means that we did not receive a signed copy or got an upload of it. Our email will contain an attachment that you would need to print out, sign, and email back to us. Remember, verification can’t start without the Letter of Authorization.

Red Ribbon or Attestation

DataFlow does not require your documents to have a Red Ribbon or Attestation. In fact, it is our job to attest directly from the source. GCC regulators also do not require it if you already have your PSV Report. However, some employers or embassies might require a Red Ribbon for your documents, but that is apart from the DataFlow verification process.

TrueProfile.io and Healthcare Professionals

Letter Authorization Red Ribbon DataFlow
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Healthcare professionals who wants to work in the GCC region need a PSV Report. Finally, when you get your PSV Report from TrueProfile.io, we will help you whenever you need it. Take it from Christine Burias, an OFW from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: I would highly recommend TrueProfile.io to my colleagues!