What are the certificates, qualifications, and documents that you can verify online? Authorities, regulators, governing bodies, and even corporations perform the verification of documents. It depends on the needs of the party and its purpose in terms of the degree of the rigorousness of the authentication. The DataFlow Group performs the most stringent type of verification and produces a Primary Source Verified (PSV) Report on the document. In extension, TrueProfile.io – a new service provided by the DataFlow Group, has its own product called TrueProof which is the digitally-stored PSV Report on a document.

Which Certificates Can I Verify Online?
Can you imagine if a pilot had fraudulent qualifications?

Strictly speaking, any document can be verified online. This refers to contracting a third party to perform independent document verification. The verification process itself is a different animal. Site visits, phone calls, letters, fax, and email communications are necessary in order to dig up the origins of a document. The most common documents that we verify for TrueProfile.io’s members and Business Partners alike are required by most Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC) region authorities.

Educational Degree

An educational degree, diploma, or certificate is the most common document that you can verify. This also extends to any higher educational degrees attained like a Masters degree, an MBA or a Masters of Business Administration, or a Doctorate degree. In addition, you can also verify together with your diploma your Mark Sheet or Transcript of Records. Surgeons can also verify their Surgical logbook as this is a part of their qualification for specialization. Internship records are also considered as part of the educational degree document.


Most employers, authorities, and regulators need to verify licenses to practice a profession. This makes sense because a profession where a license is needed prior to practicing means that an individual has to have a certain standard to attain before qualification. Failing to confirm the authenticity of a license can have far-reaching implications for businesses, individuals, and the community alike. Have your license verified with TrueProfile.io to ensure that it gets instant trust from organizations when you present it.

Certificate of Employment

Most corporations want a reference letter from a previous employer. References, as well as certificates of employment, are verifiable online with TrueProfile.io. The beauty of becoming a member of TrueProfile.io is that you can build your own verified resumé over time. You can add references as you accumulate your professional experience.

Certificate of Good Standing

Which Certificates Can I Verify Online?
You want your surgeon to be in good standing with the community.

A certificate of good standing is not a universal requirement. You can verify it over the internet – via TrueProfile.io, of course, if it is required. This pertains to your good standing with the last company that you worked for. This can also come from the governing body that issued your license to practice your profession.

Identity Papers

Immigration authorities are the ones who usually ask for verification of these documents. This can pertain to passports, government-issued IDs, and/or birth certificates. Even if it contains biometric chips, what is verified online is the written contents of the document itself.

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