Over the past two months, the world has seemingly ground to a halt. January gave us volcanic eruptions in the Philippines, February saw the coronavirus spread to a few countries, and in March, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic. April saw the world in lockdown, and May is seeing us climbing the walls of our homes. How are you holding up so far?

The ‘new normal’

Aftermath Pandemic

Just because governments have ordered lockdown and most of us are in quarantine, does not mean that everything has ground to a halt. The frontliners in this battle against the pandemic are the healthcare professionals and other key workers necessary to sustain, not just the economy, but our basic needs. Some industries have adjusted by providing work from home capabilities to their employees, while others have made necessary adjustments to make sure that safety and physical distancing is observed at all times.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

There is an end to all things. Pharmaceutical companies have launched literally hundreds of vaccine research and clinical trials to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus. Meanwhile, travel restrictions are gradually being lifted, with most regulators providing services as usual. So, if you are dreaming of getting a job abroad, don’t let the current situation deter you from pursuing your goals. As the Brits say, “keep calm and carry on”, because the world is slowly getting back to a “new normal”. All you can do is prepare for the aftermath.

Demand for Healthcare Professionals at an all-time high

The stress testing of healthcare systems all over the world saw the need for more and more medical workers. The WHO, in a study, stated that there is a shortage of around 5.9 million nurses, globally. This means that you can take your pick of employers once international borders open up. Prepare what you need beforehand, in order to secure your job overseas.

Aftermath Pandemic
Prepare your documents now so you can fly as soon as possible.

Prepare your verified documents

International recruiters and prospective employers prefer applicants who have already undergone verification. Make this your advantage by presenting pre-verified credentials from TrueProfile.io. TrueProfile.io continues to accept verifications, even during lockdown, so you can get ahead of the competition. Make your self-quarantine productive by getting your documents ready to be scrutinized by regulatory authorities.

Let recruiters know you’re ready to be hired

If you’re actively seeking a role abroad, make sure you’ve built your myTrueProfile page fully and updated your Contact Settings so that recruiters can view your profile and reach out to you with relevant roles.

Get ready to fly when restrictions are lifted. Verify your credentials with TrueProfile.io!