Articles of Qualifications & Requirements
How To Verify Your Degree From India

Living in India and applying for a job overseas? You will need to verify your degree from India first! Find out how:

28 Nov 2021 - Document Verification
How to Book an OET Exam

Choose your OET media: @Home, on paper, or on computer at a test venue.

OET: What You Should Know

Want to take the OET? Take a look at what you need to know!

How To Create the Ultimate Digital CV

Find out how to create the ultimate digital CV with so international employers can contact you for exciting job opportunities!

21 Sep 2021 - Document Verification
Documents Overseas Doctors Need to Work in the UK

What documents do doctors need to present to work in the UK?

19 Sep 2021 - Member
How to Apply for the UK’s ‘Health and Care Worker Visa’

Fast-track your career in the UK with a ‘Health and Care Worker visa’. A more affordable visa application route than other visas.

Passing the IELTS in Advance of Employment Overseas

Find out why you need the IELTS exam to work abroad as a healthcare professional and how you can prepare for the test.

What Doctors Need to Know About the UK's GMC

Doctors trained overseas who intend to practice their profession in the UK must register and get licensed with the GMC.

2 Sep 2021 - Member
Can You Get a Visa Under the UK Points-Based System?

Can healthcare workers apply for the Skilled Workers visa under the UK points-based system?

18 Aug 2021 - Member
Renewing Your Qatar Healthcare License

Is your Qatari license up for renewal? We list all the requirements and processes here!

3 Aug 2021 - Member
How to Request a Good Standing Certificate from Sheryan

Do you need a Good Standing Certificate from Sheryan? Here's how!

12 Jul 2021 - Member
Part Two: Nursing in the UK - Preparation, Application, Costs and Visas

Colin Pettifer discusses applying for roles in the UK, document preparation and requirements, registration, cost reimbursement and visas.

8 Jul 2021 - Career
Part One: Nursing in the UK - Why Make the Move?

We speak to Colin Pettifer about what nurses need to know to get a job in the UK either privately or with the UK’s NHS.

8 Jul 2021 - Career
Taking the Test of Competence for UK Nurses and Midwives

Do you need to take the Test of Competence for the NMC register? Here's all you need to know!

7 Jun 2021 - Member
How to Work in the UK as an Overseas Nurse

What you need to know to work in the UK as an overseas nurse.

21 Apr 2021 - Member
Mumaris Plus: The SCFHS Portal Explained

Read all about Mumaris Plus - the SCFHS portal, who should sign up for it, and what to do if you encounter any issues.

How to Transfer Your TrueProof for Your GCC Healthcare License Requirement

Transfer your DataFlow-verified PSV report from to any regulator of your choice.

Work Experience: How Much Do You Need To Work Abroad?

Do you really need to have at least 2 years of experience to work as a healthcare professional overseas?

COVID-19: Department of Health Abu Dhabi 'issuing licences as normal'

The DoH in Abu Dhabi is issuing temporary licenses to encourage healthcare professionals to apply in the Emirate.

13 Apr 2020 - Document Verification
How to Fast Track your Medical License in the UAE

Read our interview with Kaneez Nabije from Doctor Expat, and find out how to fast-track your medical license in the UAE.

How to Find a Job as a Nurse in Dubai

Find out how to get a nursing job in Dubai faster with verified credentials.

14 Nov 2019 - Career
When Is the Best Time to Get a Job?

The beginning of the year is the time when most companies set their recruitment goals, but the best time is right now.

17 Jan 2019 - Career
Your Main Barriers to Getting a Job Abroad

There are no barriers for you getting a job abroad when you verify your documents with!

23 Oct 2018 - Career
Work in Australia: Should You Get a Student Visa?

Learn if getting a Student visa will suit you if your goal is to work legally in Australia.

SCFHS and Licensing: What You Need to Know

Here’s all that healthcare professionals wanting to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need to know about SCFHS and licensing.

18 Jul 2018 - Professionals
How Do You Get a Job Abroad?

If you want to work overseas but you don’t know where to start, we’ve got great tips for you.

29 Jun 2018 - Career
What To Do If You Failed The Board Exam

Your professional career will not grind to a halt when you fail your certification exams. You have a lot of options to take.

How to Survive Licensure Exam Hell Week

Don’t put more pressure on yourself than you need.

How to Prepare for an IELTS Exam

It’s not as simple as mastering the English language. You have to familiarize yourself with the test format as well.

IELTS 101: What You Should Know

All that you need to know if you’re interested in taking the IELTS exam.

How to Get a Prometric Exam for your DHA License

What you need to know about a Prometric exam for your DHA licensing process.

Abu Dhabi HAAD Examination for Healthcare Professionals

You need to undergo the HAAD exam conducted by Pearson Vue if you want a professional healthcare license in Abu Dhabi.

20 Mar 2018 - Professionals
FAQs on Prometric - In Plain English

These are the answers to your frequently asked questions about Prometric.

Three Steps in Getting a Prometric Exam for your SCFHS License

The steps for taking the Prometric exam for your SCFHS license is as easy as 1-2-3!

How Much Work Experience do You Need to Get a Job Abroad?

We frequently get asked if a new graduate can indeed surpass the work experience requirement to get a job abroad. It depends.

18 Oct 2017 - Career
Requirements for a Healthcare Job in the GCC Countries

Know the qualifications and requirements needed to get a healthcare job in the GCC region.

15 Jul 2017 - Professionals
Your Gameplan to Getting a Healthcare Job Overseas

Here’s a roadmap of what you need to do if your goal is to get a job abroad.

20 Jun 2017 - Career
How to Prepare for Certification Exams

Lessen the stress of taking a certification exam by coming prepared.

Primary Source Verification (PSV) and DataFlow - A Primer

What is Primary Source Verification and what it can do for you.

29 Mar 2017 - Document Verification
5 Steps in Getting Licensed as a Health Professional in Bahrain

Read our guide on how to get your professional healthcare license in Bahrain.

20 Jan 2017 - Document Verification
Abu Dhabi Licensing for Registered Nurses

These are the requirements for you to get a nursing license in Abu Dhabi.

How to Get a Nursing License in Qatar

A guide on how to get a professional nursing license in Qatar as a foreign-trained nurse.

How to Register as a Health Practitioner in Saudi Arabia

You can apply for a professional healthcare license to practice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in advance.

25 Aug 2016 - Document Verification
OFW Expenses and the Application Process

These are the expenses that you need to prepare for if you want a job overseas.

How to become a Nurse in Dubai

Be ready with your documents if you want to become a nurse in Dubai.

27 Jun 2016 - Document Verification