Passing a Prometric examination to get a healthcare license is a requirement for most Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regulators. As with most government regulators, different countries ask for different things – what’s required before taking Prometrics for one is not needed by the other. We will make our FAQs on Prometric in general terms as simple as possible. In plain English, so to speak.

What is Prometric?

FAQs on Prometric - In Plain English

Prometric is a company that gives out examinations and assessments in behalf of other organizations. It is not affiliated with DataFlow or, but GCC regulators may require both to be passed before they can issue your license to practice. Prometric will administer the tests, but it will be the regulators (sponsors) who will have the ultimate say in providing you with a license to practice.

Do I need to get DataFlow first before I can get Prometric or vice-versa?

Prometric does not require you to get a DataFlow PSV Report before taking your assessment. DataFlow for its part also do not have this requirement. You will have to decide what will be the best course of action regarding which one to take first. You can do both DataFlow and Prometric at the same time, if you want.

I have already passed Prometric for HAAD, do I still need to take one for SCFHS?

Yes. The tests conducted by Prometric is dictated by the terms of the regulator. What the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi (HAAD) wants to be tested on their assessments is quite different from the needs of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS). This is true for the other regulators.

Can I reschedule a test?

FAQs on Prometric - In Plain English

Yes, a lot of the tests can be rescheduled. SCFHS allows a free test reschedule if you do it 16 calendar days or more before the exam date. You can reschedule most of the tests from the website. Just have your confirmation number handy. If you do not have it, contact their customer service center.

Can I retake Prometric if I failed the first time?

It depends on the regulator that you are applying for. The regulators will be the ones to set if you can do a retake and for how many takes before you get disqualified from applying for a license. For example, DHA allows you to take the same exam up to three times within a calendar year.

For more comprehensive information on professional healthcare licenses, please refer to the respective regulators’ websites.