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Should I apply for healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia?

If you want to apply for healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Find out what roles are in high demand:

15 Sep 2022 - Professionals
World Blood Donor Day: Join the effort and save lives!

Read our interview with our Medical Technologist Members.

14 Jun 2022 - Member
How Much Healthcare Work Experience Do I Need To Work Overseas?

Find out how much healthcare work experience healthcare professionals need to work in the UK, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries.

20 Nov 2021 - Professionals
Share Your TrueProof in 4 Easy Steps

A step-by-step guide on how to share your TrueProof.

16 Nov 2020 - Document Verification
How to be Indispensable to Your Organization

Invest in yourself and become an invaluable asset to any company.

7 Sep 2020 - Professionals
Dealing with Professional Burnout

It’s important to take care of your mental health.

1 Sep 2020 - Career
COVID-19: Restrictions Eased in the Philippines and in India

The governments of the Philippines and India have eased some of their international travel restrictions.

14 Jun 2020 - Professionals
COVID-19: UK Government Scraps Fees and Extends Visa for Migrant Healthcare Workers

The United Kingdom extends visas and scrapped NHS fees for migrant healthcare workers.

10 Jun 2020 - Life Abroad
COVID-19: Preparing for the Aftermath of the Pandemic

The pandemic may have hampered our day-to-day lives, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no end to it.

26 May 2020 - Document Verification
COVID-19: Need For Medical Workers At An All-Time High

The pandemic has heightened the need for healthcare professionals all over the world.

19 May 2020 - Professionals
COVID-19: Saudi Arabia Accepting Volunteers in the Fight Against the Epidemic

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is accepting volunteers in the fight against the COVID19 virus.

8 May 2020 - Professionals
COVID-19: UAE Key Workers Stranded Abroad Allowed to Go Back

UAE Workers stranded overseas can now apply for a permit to travel back to the Emirates via the Twajudi Resident Service.

7 May 2020 - Life Abroad
How to Share Your TrueProof to Your LinkedIn Profile

A guide on how to share your verified credentials on your LinkedIn profile.

28 Mar 2020 - Professionals
5 Tips to Thrive in Your First Year as a Registered Nurse

Thrive in your first year as a Registered Nurse with these tips!

17 Feb 2020 - Career
How to Find a Job as a Doctor in Dubai

These are the things that you need to know if you’re a doctor looking to work in Dubai.

4 Feb 2020 - Career
How to Get Hired in the USA as a Foreign-educated Nurse

How to get hired in the USA as a foreign-educated nurse - exclusive advice from the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

24 Jul 2019 - Career
How to Reinvent Yourself and Start a New Career

You don’t need to be defined by one career path. You have the freedom to reinvent yourself.

14 May 2019 - Career
Writing a Journal Can Help You Cope With Stress

You can alleviate stress by putting pen to paper and writing about anything you want.

25 Apr 2019 - Professionals
Five Ways to Supercharge Your Resumé in 2019

Make your resumé digital and searchable on business social media platforms.

10 Jan 2019 - Professionals
Healthcare Professionals: Dealing with Toxic Stress

Nurses are all too familiar with the word toxic, especially when it comes to their daily shifts.

18 Oct 2018 - Career
How Your Own Data Can Get You In Trouble

It’s important to protect your personal identifiable information.

17 May 2018 - Professionals
How to Become a Global Professional

You need credentials that are accepted globally if you want to work anywhere in the world.

5 Apr 2018 - Professionals
Abu Dhabi HAAD Examination for Healthcare Professionals

You need to undergo the HAAD exam conducted by Pearson Vue if you want a professional healthcare license in Abu Dhabi.

20 Mar 2018 - Professionals
Oman Healthcare Professional License: What You Need to Know

The requirements to get a healthcare professional license in Oman, explained in simple terms.

30 Jan 2018 - Document Verification
How to Remain Competitive in a Cutthroat World

Retain your competitive edge throughout your career.

10 Nov 2017 - Career
How to Deal With Conflict in the Workplace

Working towards one goal and vision will minimize conflict in the workplace.

15 Sep 2017 - Career
Requirements for a Healthcare Job in the GCC Countries

Know the qualifications and requirements needed to get a healthcare job in the GCC region.

15 Jul 2017 - Professionals
The OFW and Social Media in the Age of Information

What you put out in social media sites is a reflection of you as a person.

21 Nov 2016 - Professionals