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World Blood Donor Day: Join the effort and save lives!

Read our interview with our Medical Technologist Members.

14 Jun 2022 - Member
In Conversation With: A Nigerian Optometrist in Saudi Arabia

Read our interview with optometrist Dr. Francis Ngwaba, as he recounts his journey from Nigeria to KSA.

6 Jan 2022 - Member
MBRU Applicants: How to Verify Your Education Degree

How to verify your degree with as an MBRU Applicant.

22 Dec 2021 - Document Verification
In Conversation With: A Pakistani Oncologist in the UAE

We talk to oncologist Dr. Kaltar Das, about his job, advice on cancer prevention and his hopes for AI to predict future cancer risks. Jobs: A World of Healthcare Opportunities

Find your dream job by browsing Jobs!

12 Oct 2021 - Member
Documents Overseas Doctors Need to Work in the UK

What documents do doctors need to present to work in the UK?

19 Sep 2021 - Member Supports World Patient Safety Day 2021

Find out how supports maternal and newborn care with our services.

17 Sep 2021 - Member
What Doctors Need to Know About the UK's GMC

Doctors trained overseas who intend to practice their profession in the UK must register and get licensed with the GMC.

2 Sep 2021 - Member
Can You Get a Visa Under the UK Points-Based System?

Can healthcare workers apply for the Skilled Workers visa under the UK points-based system?

18 Aug 2021 - Member
Renewing Your Qatar Healthcare License

Is your Qatari license up for renewal? We list all the requirements and processes here!

3 Aug 2021 - Member
How to Request a Good Standing Certificate from Sheryan

Do you need a Good Standing Certificate from Sheryan? Here's how!

12 Jul 2021 - Member
WHITEPAPER: Nurses, Invest in Yourself Through Online Learning

Download our free whitepaper discussing the benefits of online education.

17 Jun 2021 - Member
Taking the NMC Test of Competence for UK Nurses and Midwives

Do you need to take the Test of Competence for the NMC register? Here's all you need to know!

7 Jun 2021 - Member
Mental Health Awareness Month: Through May and Beyond

Here are 3 resources to help readers deal with factors that impact mental health, like professional burnout, homesickness and demotivation.

28 May 2021 - Member
World Immunization Week 2021

Read how Filipino ICU Nurse Lucky Sonico participated in the UAE government's vaccination drive.

How to Work in the UK as an Overseas Nurse

What you need to know to work in the UK as an overseas nurse.

21 Apr 2021 - Member
World Health Day: Let's Build a Fairer, Healthier World Together is committed in building a fairer, healthier world.

6 Apr 2021 - Member
#ChooseToChallenge: Supporting International Women's Day is celebrating International Women's Day. Let's al #ChooseToChallenge

7 Mar 2021 - Member
Complete Your Identity Verification for the Department of Health Abu Dhabi

If you received an identity verification request from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, find out how to get your identity verified quickly.

World Mental Health Day 2020

Let's come together even when the world is apart.

8 Oct 2020 - Member
How Make the Most of Self-Isolation During COVID-19

Spending time in quarantine need not be an isolating ordeal. Use this time to focus on yourself or on starting a new project.

4 May 2020 - Member
What is TrueIdentity?

Know all about TrueIdentity - the identity verification product from

7 Sep 2019 - Member
How Do We Use Blockchain To Protect Your Credentials?

Download our FREE whitepaper and get in-depth information on how we use blockchain to keep our Members’ data safe.

25 Oct 2018 - Member
What is a TrueProof®?

We define what a TrueProof is - your fully digital, verifiable proof of your authenticated credentials from

25 Aug 2018 - Member®'s Document Verification Services Explained

Put your best foot forward with verified credentials.

25 Jul 2018 - Document Verification
What is®?

Want to know more about We help our Members stand out as verified candidates for new job opportunities abroad.

25 Jun 2018 - Member