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How To Land Nursing Jobs in the UAE - Insights From an HR Professional

In honor of Nurses Week, we had the privilege of sitting down with Ajita Menon, an esteemed HR professional from Kerala, India. With nearly a decade of experience excelling in nursing recruitment in the UAE, Ajita shares invaluable insights into the relocation process for Indian nurses, providing a comprehensive breakdown of steps, compelling reasons to […]

8 May 2024 - Nurses
UK Nursing Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering a career as a nurse in the UK? If so, you need to meet specific requirements before applying for nursing positions. In this blog, we will delve into the UK nursing requirements and guide you on initiating your journey to becoming a professional nurse in the UK. Requirements to Work as A […]

17 Nov 2023 - Life Abroad
Practical Guide for Aspiring Filipino Nurses Abroad

Dreaming of a rewarding career as a Filipino nurse abroad? Now is the perfect time to kickstart your new adventure. The global shortage of healthcare professionals has opened up exciting job opportunities overseas. Many Filipino nurses, just like you, have found higher wages, better career prospects, and personal growth abroad. This blog will guide you […]

16 Jun 2023 - Life Abroad
NCLEX Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a comprehensive, standardized assessment used to determine the competency of entry-level nurses. It’s a mandatory test that all foreign-educated nurses must take in order to obtain a license to practice nursing in the United States. In this article, discover the NCLEX requirements and eligibility criteria you need to […]

19 Apr 2023 - Nurses
Navigating the OSCE Exam: A Roadmap to Success

The OSCE exam tests the clinical and communication skills of nurses and midwives who are internationally trained and want to work in the UK.

28 Mar 2023 - Nurses
How To Become a Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Want to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia? We will outline the main requirements you need to be aware of before starting your job search.

15 Feb 2023 - Nurses
Top 5 Countries Hiring International Nurses in 2024

If you’d like to take your nursing career overseas, here is a list of the top 5 countries hiring international nurses in 2023.

8 Dec 2022 - Nurses
Job Opportunities for NCLEX Nurses in the USA

Want to nurse abroad? The USA is hiring thousands of NCLEX nurses from overseas. Job opportunities are available on Jobs!

17 Jul 2022 - Nurses
8 Benefits of a Nursing Job in the USA

NCLEX and non-NCLEX nurses looking for a nursing job in the USA can apply for exciting vacancies for professional and personal development.

11 Jul 2022 - Nurses
Job Opportunities for Non-NCLEX Nurses in the USA

Even non-NCLEX nurses can still apply for plenty of nursing job opportunities and find employment in the USA. Find out more:

9 Jul 2022 - Nurses
Here's How to Get a Nursing Job in the UK

Are you looking to get a nursing job in the UK? If so, here are the 4 steps you need to follow and prepare to get one!

11 Apr 2022 - Nurses
3 Ways to Find a Job as A Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Do you need help to find a job as a nurse in Saudi Arabia that matches your experience, skills and goals? Here are 3 ways to get started:

6 Apr 2022 - Nurses
4 Tips for Nurses Working the Night Shift

Nurses! Do you need help adjusting to working the night shift? Follow these 4 shift survival tips to get you through the night:

26 Mar 2022 - Nurses
How to Work as a Filipino Nurse in the UK

If you want international nursing experience, the UK is a great destination. Find out how to work as a Filipino nurse in the UK here:

15 Mar 2022 - Nurses
In Conversation With: An Indian Neonatal Nurse in Saudi Arabia

We speak to Member and Indian neonatal nurse, Indu, about her experiencing moving from Kerala to Saudi Arabia in 2013.

14 Mar 2022 - Member Interviews
How to Work as a Filipino Nurse in Saudi Arabia

If you want to work as a Filipino nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this guide will help you get there.

10 Mar 2022 - Nurses
6 of the Top Countries for Nurses To Work and Live

Nursing is a great career for traveling. Find out why the UK, KSA, USA, UAE and Qatar are 6 of the top countries for nurses to work and live.

28 Feb 2022 - Career
How to Work as an Indian Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is hiring nurses at scale and offering attractive benefits. Find out how to work as an Indian Nurse in Saudi Arabia in 4 steps:

25 Feb 2022 - Career
The Top Destinations To Work as a Nurse Overseas

Working abroad has many benefits! If you want an new job, here are 4 of the top destinations to work as a nurse overseas.

2 Feb 2022 - Life Abroad
Top 5 In-Demand Healthcare Jobs in 2022

If you are looking for a new opportunity in 2022, here are the most in-demand healthcare jobs to focus your job search on this year:

20 Jan 2022 - Career
How Often Should I Update My Nursing CV?

Is your nursing CV outdated? How often should you update your nursing CV? Find out when and why you should update your nursing CV here:

Search for an International Nursing Job in 2022 Now!

Always dreamed of working as a nurse abroad? Here are 3 ways to help you find an international nursing job in 2022 now.

23 Dec 2021 - Nurses