The licensing process for healthcare professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is pretty straightforward. This is if everything – documents, email addresses, phone number, work experience – is in order. However, as we all know, not everything is perfect and some of you may have experienced some issues in licensing. We’ll try to break down the operators involved so that if there are any issues, you’ll know how to remedy it.

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) Licensing

The SCFHS was established by a Royal Decree and is a Scientific Commission which has a legal personality. SCFHS is responsible for supervising and evaluating training programs as well as setting controls and standard for the practice of health professionals. This includes licensing for professionals, training, research, education of future health professionals, and even publications. It’s the umbrella organization for anything that relates to the health of the people. The SCFHS will be the ones evaluating an individual’s capacity to work in the health field.

Mumaris Plus

Mumaris Plus is the service within the SCFHS website where you create your login credentials. You create the username and password in order to obtain your Profile ID. You need to complete your profile on Mumaris Plus in order to get your professional classification. The Mumaris Plus application will guide you through the complete process. The input you provide (the information to be filled) varies for every one and the details you provide will be the basis for your professional classification.

SCFHS and Licensing: What You Need to Know
Any issues? The key is Tawasul.


Tawasul is a service within the SCFHS website that aims to address any problems you might have when using their Mumaris Plus. I have frequently encountered questions like: My agency was the one who created my login credentials, what should I do? The answer is to get in touch with Tawasul. “I was in the middle of entering my personal information when my computer froze, and now, I can’t get logged in, what should I do?” Altogether now: Tawasul! For any questions, follow ups, technical support, or even suggestions, contact Tawasul.

Prometric and DataFlow

Prometric and DataFlow are two different companies. What they have in common is that you need to undergo the Prometric exam and the DataFlow verification if you are to have a healthcare professional license issued by SCFHS. If you’re having any issues with Prometric, you can either get in touch with Tawasul, or directly with Prometric. The same goes for DataFlow. What you can’t do is ask Prometric for a DataFlow issue or vice-versa.

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