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Behind the Numbers: Investigating High Turnover in Healthcare Professions

Discover the hidden truths behind healthcare turnover from our latest survey and learn employer strategies to attract and retain top talent.

8 Aug 2023 - Recruitment
5 Reasons Why You Should Hire International Healthcare Workers

Are you looking to hire healthcare professionals? Here are five reasons why you should consider international candidates.

10 Feb 2023 - Recruitment
How To Combat Nursing Shortages in 2023

Healthcare organizations and employers should take these 6 proactive steps to combat nursing shortages predicted for 2023 and beyond.

26 Jan 2023 - Recruitment
6 Ways Employers Can Increase Nursing Staff in 2023

Here are 6 ways employers can increase nursing staff in 2023 to keep up with demand as the healthcare industry continues to grow and evolve.

16 Jan 2023 - Recruitment
Most Popular Healthcare Recruitment Trends in 2023

To help employers and recruiters stay ahead of the curve, we take a look at some of the most popular healthcare recruitment trends in 2023.

12 Jan 2023 - Recruitment
Top Healthcare Recruitment Trends To Look Out For In 2023

In 2023, recruiters should be prepared to embrace automation, diversity and inclusivity, hiring international professionals, and facilitating desirable professional experiences to keep their competitive edge.

28 Dec 2022 - Recruitment
How To Recruit and Retain Top Healthcare Talent in 2023

Recruiting and retaining top talent is essential for any healthcare organization to remain competitive. Here are top tips to help you recruit and retain top healthcare talent in 2023.

23 Dec 2022 - Recruitment
Healthcare Retention and Recruitment Challenges 2023

The healthcare industry has been facing recruitment and retention challenges in recent years, and the situation is only expected to worsen as 2023 approaches. This can be attributed to several factors. Let’s dive in and find out.

21 Dec 2022 - Recruitment
Healthcare Hiring Trends in 2023

Healthcare hiring trends we can expect to see in 2023 and how technology solutions could help employers overcome some of the biggest and most common hiring challenges.

9 Dec 2022 - Recruitment
Why You Need to Start Hiring Healthcare Professionals for 2023 Now

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should start hire healthcare professionals for your workforce in 2023 now.

19 Nov 2022 - Recruitment
4 Ways to Recruit International Healthcare Professionals

Here are 4 ways to save time, energy and resources by recruiting international healthcare professionals for your advertised healthcare role.

29 Dec 2021 - Healthcare
4 Reasons To Start Hiring for 2022 Now

Hiring for 2022? Here are 4 ways to keep up with rapidly changing markets, demand for talent and growing skills shortages.

22 Dec 2021 - Recruitment
Attract and Retain Talent by Offering a Sense of Purpose

Loyal relationships are built on a sense of belonging and purpose. Here we discuss 9 ways that organizations can attract and retain talent:

13 Dec 2021 - Recruitment
6 Ways to Recruit and Attract International Nurses

Healthcare employers are competing against one another to recruit and attract international nurses to fill skills shortages. What can you do?

28 Oct 2021 - Healthcare
How To Scale Your Healthcare Workforce

As a healthcare employer, it’s highly likely that you're facing a skills shortage. Discover the best way to scale your healthcare workforce:

20 Oct 2021 - Healthcare
5 Benefits of Recruiting International Healthcare Professionals

In this blog, we discuss 5 benefits of recruiting international healthcare professionals for your organization. Find out what they are:

14 Oct 2021 - Healthcare
5 International Recruitment Challenges in Healthcare

We discuss 5 international recruitment challenges in healthcare and give solutions to create and streamline an effective hiring process.

17 Sep 2021 - Healthcare
Healthcare Challenges - Achieving KSA’s 'Vision 2030'

We discuss 4 ways that KSA can achieve the goals outlined in the Health Sector Transformation Program.

27 Aug 2021 - Recruitment
Recruitment Strategies for a Changing World

It’s time to future-proof your organization with these 4 future-focused recruitment strategies.

18 Jul 2021 - Recruitment
6 Ways Technology Addresses Skills Shortages

We discuss 6 ways technology can address skills shortages while achieving organizational goals in an efficient and secure way.

24 Jun 2021 - HR Advice
9 Effective Employee Retention Strategies for 2021

Keeping retention at the fore of the recruitment process is an excellent strategy for a productive and supported workforce.

27 May 2021 - HR Advice
PRESS RELEASE: Blockchain-Powered Professional Verification Platform Bridges the Trust Gap, has today announced its updated service offering. Read more about this updated ecosystem of trust.

5 Apr 2021 - Blockchain
5 Lessons 2020 Taught Healthcare Recruitment

Let’s discuss the healthcare recruitment lessons we learned in a relatively short space of time.

25 Mar 2021 - Blockchain
'New Normal' Offers New Talent to the GCC

How can GCC businesses ensure that their international applicants are exactly who they say they are?

18 Dec 2020 - Recruitment
Telemedicine: Emergency Fix or Permanent Solution?

Will telemedicine take a back seat once the pandemic settles? Or is it a healthcare solution here to stay?

9 Dec 2020 - Recruitment
6 HR Trends to Embrace in 2021

After an interesting year within the recruitment industry, let's take a look at the expected HR trends for 2021.

2 Dec 2020 - Blockchain
The Rise of Telemedicine in 2020

Learn how blockchain can play a key role in alleviating patient privacy and data concerns within the telemedicine industry.

8 Nov 2020 - Blockchain Hits The Half a Million Milestone!® has reached over 500,000 Members! Find out more and watch our celebratory video here:

29 Sep 2020 - Blockchain
Hiring Internationally: 5 Ways to Help You Employ Top Talent from Abroad

5 valuable tips to consider when hiring professionals from abroad

25 Sep 2020 - Recruitment
Top Tips For Recruiting Remotely

Consider how you can keep hiring and growing your business remotely with these top tips.

14 May 2020 - HR Advice
Aiding Médecins Sans Frontières to Recruit Credible Medical Staff

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) use to ensure they hire the best, qualified staff for their Middle East projects.

10 May 2020 - Healthcare
Scaling Your Healthcare Workforce Quickly in Response to COVID-19

The healthcare industry is currently faced with a staggering challenge: increasing its workforce quickly and at scale.

24 Apr 2020 - Healthcare
PRESS RELEASE: Bolsters Global Battle Against COVID-19, Enables Healthcare Recruiters to Hire Pre-verified Medical Staff

Find out how we are helping authorities, hospitals and healthcare recruiters to stem the growing shortfall of medical staff.

8 Apr 2020 - Healthcare
New Year, New Talent in the UAE

Understanding what doesn’t deliver the right candidates will help narrow down the search for the best recruiting platform.

6 Jan 2020 - HR Advice
Why You Need to Stop Asking for Resumes

If recruiters only use resumes to make their shortlist, they could be missing out on a great candidate who is a better fit.

13 Nov 2019 - HR Advice
5 Ways to Reduce Recruitment Costs

Follow our five simple steps to help reduce your hiring spend, especially if your current processes are a drain.

14 Oct 2019 - Recruitment
How to Confront the Major Challenges of International Recruitment

Read these 7 tips to help you confront the major challenges of international recruitment.

21 May 2019 - HR Advice
Médecins Sans Frontières: How We Prepare Our Workforce For Crisis Environments

We spend a lot of time thoroughly vetting potential recruits to make sure that they can cope in unstable, stressful scenarios.

13 May 2019 - Healthcare
Are Your Hiring Practices GDPR Compliant?

Being GDPR compliant isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ asset, it’s the law.

6 Jan 2019 - HR Advice
Recruitment Without Borders: How to Hire International Talent

Recruiting employees from one location can negatively impact a business’s competitive edge, client base and talent pool.

13 Dec 2018 - Recruitment
The Real Cost of Making a Bad Hire

The exact cost of the wrong hire doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all formula.

13 Nov 2018 - Recruitment
How to Create the Best Candidate Experience for Overseas Applicants helps to enhance your candidate experience and reduce time to hire - a win-win for both applicants and employers.

1 Nov 2018 - HR Advice
What Makes a Great Global Hiring Strategy?

We discuss how you can make a good global hiring strategy a great global hiring strategy.

29 Oct 2018 - HR Advice
How Westhouse Group Gained a Competitive Edge Within the Recruitment Industry

In this interview, Westhouse Group discusses how's leading document verification technology has benefitted them.

16 Oct 2018 - Recruitment
HR Challenges in Cross-National Corporate Expansion

HR should arm itself with the tools and insights necessary to rise to its most pressing talent acquisition challenges.

2 Oct 2018 - Recruitment
Human Capital Data Security in the Age of Cybercrime

An ever-growing infiltration of cyber hacking and cyber breaches affect various industries and human resources.

13 Aug 2018 - Recruitment
Primary Source Verification in the Digital Disruptive Age

Key talent sourcing, talent acquisition, and top-tier talent retention are major concerns felt widely across business sectors.

30 May 2018 - Recruitment
Top 5 Recruiting Challenges and How To Turn Them Into Advantages

5 challenges HR can embrace and turn to their advantage.

24 Mar 2018 - Recruitment
Verifying the Accuracy of Talent Qualifications is Critical

A transparent PSV process can instill confidence and ensure professional accountability among colleagues.

22 Mar 2018 - Recruitment