How Westhouse Group Gained a Competitive Edge Within the Recruitment Industry
<p>As a leading recruitment firm with a global footprint and annual revenue of €136M (2017), Westhouse Group&#8217;s team were responsible for the hiring needs of leading companies throughout the world. Their workforce spans across 14 different offices and includes 420 members of staff, all of whom are committed to the progress and innovation of Westhouse Group.</p> <p>When the Westhouse Group discovered;s leading document verification technology, they were keen to offer their clients and applicants the numerous benefits associated with this service.</p> <p>Guido Sieber, Managing Director of <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Westhouse Group</a>, talks to us about how’s technology has enhanced their client offering as well as improving the efficiency and productivity of their consultants.</p> <h2>Why did you decide to use</h2> <p>Westhouse Group is an internationally renowned recruitment firm. As we work across a number of locations worldwide, we wanted to partner with a company who had ‘feet on the ground’ in all corners of the world to allow us to add another layer of security for our clients’ hiring decisions.</p> <h2>How did positively impact Westhouse Group?</h2> <p>The recruitment industry is extremely competitive. As a leading consultancy for critical roles around the world, we wanted to maintain our competitive edge by providing our clients and applicants with a superior offering.</p> <p>For our clients, using gives us added confidence that we are protecting the integrity of their company by safeguarding the quality and qualifications of the candidates that we source.</p> <p>For hopeful applicants,’s document verification solution means that prospective employers are assured of their integrity right from the start. Plus, by advocating for document verification ahead of time, applicants can pursue and secure new employment opportunities much more efficiently than their peers.</p> <h2>How did your impact your internal team?</h2> <p>Aside from appreciating the advantages and added benefits that this provided our clients and applicants, our consultants also reported a number of benefits that this offered our internal team. By using’s solution, a huge amount of time that was previously spent on document verification was now freed up &#8211; allowing us to maximize our skilled employees.</p> <p>At Westhouse Group, we also pride ourselves on offering an excellent candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. aided us in doing so, by being a quick, reliable and efficient way to complete essential document verification &#8211; a task which can often be a drain on time, costs and resources. As a result, this enabled us to help candidates to secure their desired employment quickly, with the added benefit of having one portable place for their credentials which can be used throughout their career.</p> <h2>What are your views on the impact of new technologies in the HR space?</h2> <p>As a company, we have endeavoured to remain up to speed with the huge advances that technology has offered our industry; not only in order to remain a leader within our environment but also to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible.</p> <p>New technology can often be daunting when it comes to implementation. However, the solution offered a straightforward user experience for all parties and if there were ever any queries, then their account management team are on hand.</p> <p>With changes to data legislation, we are also excited to be part of something which uses cutting-edge blockchain to safeguard personal information and data which gives added peace of mind for our clients, applicants and of course the Westhouse Group team. &nbsp;</p> <p>To find out more about the benefits of being a Business Partner, please contact <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"></a>&nbsp;or request your free 7-day trial of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"> Recruiting.</a></p> <p></p>