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Blockchain Technology Eases Healthcare Hiring Pressures and Benefits HR Management

Learn how blockchain technology can help with healthcare hiring by mitigating risks and maintaining data integrity.

15 Feb 2023 - Blockchain
Blockchain: How to Avoid a Data Breach

We discuss five cases of companies who experienced data leaks, theft and breaches, showing the need to secure and protect the data you hold.

15 Jun 2021 - Blockchain
PRESS RELEASE: Blockchain-Powered Professional Verification Platform Bridges the Trust Gap, has today announced its updated service offering. Read more about this updated ecosystem of trust.

5 Apr 2021 - Blockchain
5 Lessons 2020 Taught Healthcare Recruitment

Let’s discuss the healthcare recruitment lessons we learned in a relatively short space of time.

25 Mar 2021 - Blockchain
6 Ways to Safeguard Your Hiring Process From Academic Fraud

Mitigate the risk of academic fraud making its way into your hiring process and organization with these 6 safeguarding steps:

28 Feb 2021 - Blockchain
Fake Credentials Threaten Universities Globally

Fraudulent credentials cause reputational damage to universities and threaten their authority and standards by association.

21 Feb 2021 - Blockchain
Identity Fraud: Verifying Candidates When Hiring Remotely

To repel identity fraud, verify candidates when hiring remotely so you know who exactly who you're dealing with.

12 Feb 2021 - Blockchain
6 Ways for Recruiters to Improve Data Security

Learn 6 ways to enhance your data security processes while protecting confidential applicant and candidate information.

14 Jan 2021 - Blockchain
Digital Verification and Blockchain - The Perfect Pair

Blockchain is the perfect solution to securely document and verify identities and credentials.

22 Dec 2020 - Blockchain
6 HR Trends to Embrace in 2021

After an interesting year within the recruitment industry, let's take a look at the expected HR trends for 2021.

2 Dec 2020 - Blockchain
The Rise of Telemedicine in 2020

Learn how blockchain can play a key role in alleviating patient privacy and data concerns within the telemedicine industry.

8 Nov 2020 - Blockchain Hits The Half a Million Milestone!® has reached over 500,000 Members! Find out more and watch our celebratory video here:

29 Sep 2020 - Blockchain
PRESS RELEASE: Immunity Passports Can Be Blockchain’s Breakthrough Application

Blockchain-enabled immunity passports could be highly effective to help keep citizen health data secure and decentralized.

15 Jul 2020 - Blockchain Teams Up With Trinity University of Asia to Promote Overseas Career Growth is proud to announce a new partnership with Trinity University of Asia.

25 Jun 2020 - Blockchain and RAKMHSU Sign First UAE Partnership to Strengthen Graduates’ Career Potential

RAKHSMU’s graduates and alumni are equipped with a community of support to achieve their professional potential

12 Feb 2020 - Blockchain Announces New Integration With uPort to Enable its Members to Unify Their Digital Identities’s members can unite their digital identities and verified documents in one decentralised place, the uPort app.

10 Sep 2019 - Blockchain
What is TrueIdentity?

Identity verification. Know exactly who you're hiring.

6 Sep 2019 - Blockchain
Introducing TrueIdentity: Cutting-edge ID Verification to Help You Hire the Right People

TrueIdentity provides a fast, secure and reliable means of verifying that your applicants are exactly who they say they are.

5 Sep 2019 - Blockchain
Interview with DataFlow's CEO, Sunil Kumar (Part 3 of 3): within the Verification Industry

This is the final interview of three that we have conducted with Sunil Kumar, CEO of the DataFlow Group.

26 Mar 2019 - Blockchain
Interview with DataFlow's CEO, Sunil Kumar (Part 2 of 3): Technological Developments in the PSV Industry

This is the second interview of three that we have conducted with Sunil Kumar, CEO of the DataFlow Group.

18 Mar 2019 - Blockchain
Can Employee Verification be Automated?

Despite the strain that manual tasks put on team members, employee verification is a crucial part of the hiring process.

7 Nov 2018 - Blockchain
How® Uses Blockchain Technology

Any Business Partner in possession of a TrueProof can securely verify the document's authenticity against the blockchain.

29 Oct 2018 - Blockchain Launches New Standard for Portable Credentials

The DataFlow Group's Service adds a much-needed element of trust to hiring

7 Oct 2018 - Blockchain
What is a TrueProof®?

We define what a TrueProof is - your fully digital, verifiable proof of your authenticated credentials from

29 Aug 2018 - Blockchain
What is®? uses PSV and blockchain technology to verify applicants credentials directly from the issuing authority.

29 Jun 2018 - Blockchain
The Future of Digital Verification on the Blockchain

Recruiters can harness blockchain technology to obtain, transfer or verify candidate and employee credentials.

9 Jun 2018 - Blockchain