What Makes a Great Global Hiring Strategy?
<p>Cultural norms, new markets, legal implications, visa problems &#8211; these are just some of the issues which need to be taken into account when building a global recruitment strategy. While this can seem overwhelming, the benefits counterbalance these issues when it comes to international recruitment and building talent overseas.</p> <p>By breaking down territorial boundaries in the hunt for the best employees, companies can leverage a greater talent pool in order to drive revenue upwards. To make sure that you reach, attract and retain the best talent from all around the world, we’ve put together our advice for implementing a global recruitment strategy.</p> <h2>How can a global recruitment strategy benefit your business?</h2> <p>Tangible benefits are often a good place to start. We’ve already mentioned an increase in revenue brought by widening the search in order to find talent. Cross-border recruitment does this by strengthening your brand &#8211; not only in the eyes of talented applicants but also to investors and potential clients.</p> <p>By having a workforce which is culturally diverse, your team has the ability to communicate in all corners of the world &#8211; opening up new markets by remedying any sticking points caused by language barriers.</p> <p>&#8220;78% of companies indicated they are prioritizing diversity to improve culture, and 62% are doing so to boost financial performance.&#8221; &#8211; <em>LinkedIn, Top Global Trends in Recruiting 2018</em></p> <p>For many HR teams, sourcing top talent can be a real issue which is why so many firms have taken their ‘war for talent’ to a global scale. Expanding your candidate search to include international talent pools often makes sense, especially when searching for highly skilled professionals or those with a niche skillset.</p> <h2>Global Recruitment Essentials</h2> <p>With the end goal being talented employees around the world driving the brand forward, here are the steps you need to consider before you start advertising roles all over the world.</p> <h3>Build Your Employer Brand</h3> <p>You need to attract the attention of candidates overseas and make them want to work for you. This may include a relocation which is a huge step, so make sure that all of your candidate-facing channels (i.e. careers section on your website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor) demonstrate why working for you would be a great move for their career.</p> <h3>Compliance</h3> <p>New territories mean new legal systems and cultural norms. In order to stay on the right and respectful side of these, it’s worth investing time in training or hiring a localised partner who can help you and your future employees to integrate into a foreign country.</p> <h3>Candidate Experience</h3> <p>With global unemployment rates lower than ever, the recruitment focus has shifted toward providing candidates with a positive experience when they interact with your brand. For international candidates, this is even more important as the processes are likely to be long and unfamiliar. Make sure the timeline and steps taken are outlined and fully communicated ahead of time.</p> <p>This also means it’s a wise idea to inform a candidate ahead of time about specific checks they may be subject to. Any documents which are required as part of background checks, attestations or verifications should be prepared ahead of time to avoid any time lags.</p> <h3>Onboarding</h3> <p>Clearly outline your onboarding policies and the ways that overseas candidates may need additional support when they join the company. The sooner they feel settled in the role the better &#8211; so it doesn’t hurt to have a helpful checklist of trusted vendors when it comes to getting set up; think of everything they may need &#8211; bank accounts, estate agents, schooling &#8211; and go from there.</p> <h3>Data</h3> <p>A huge benefit of global hiring means that your company begins to gather data and are privy to hiring trends which can shape future business decisions. For example, if you consistently hire candidates from a specific location, perhaps it would be more cost-effective to build a team there instead of continual relocation.</p> <h3>Background Screening</h3> <p>Of course, we’ve mentioned the long-term profits of global recruitment but it is initially a costly investment. If your company is dedicating resources to sourcing talent from overseas, you need to safeguard that outlay by doing your research to ensure each overseas hire is the best fit for the role. Background screening and a thorough vetting of references and any relevant diplomas and licences is highly recommended.</p> <h2>How to make a good strategy a great strategy</h2> <p>TrueProfile.io is designed to make life easier for both employers and overseas applicants by reducing time lags in hiring, assisting with compliance and improving the candidate experience. Our technology makes global recruitment easier by conducting thorough primary source verification (PSV) across professional documents including diplomas, licences, certifications, references and good standing certificates.</p> <p>If you want to know more about how our cutting-edge technology can help with your hiring needs then visit our <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://www.trueprofile.io/businesspartner" target="_blank">Business Partner</a> area or contact us via email on <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="mailto:businesspartners@trueprofile.io" target="_blank">businesspartners@trueprofile.io</a>.</p>