With the repercussions of making a fraudulent hire coming with fatal, legal and reputational consequences, regulators around the world trust to help them deliver healthcare professionals who are trustworthy, fully qualified and equipped with the skills and experience required for their role.

Human Resources

Particularly within high-level or high-risk positions, global HR teams want to be able to hire the best employees while being safe in the knowledge that the background verifications they’ve carried out have been thorough and accurate. We work with HR departments to ensure they hire only the best, eliminating the risk of employment document fraud along the way.


In the fast-paced world of recruitment, sourcing verified staff is an essential yet time-consuming task. With a global database of over 100,000 verified professionals who are actively seeking new roles, reduces time-to-hire significantly while helping recruiters to remain entirely compliant and confident in their hiring decisions.


When medicine meets technology, supports the safe, secure provision of healthcare services in an online environment. We support global telemedicine providers by verifying staff they wish to onboard and also by helping them to scale their teams with pre-verified healthcare professionals from around the world.


With diploma mills and academic fraud on the rise, we support renowned higher education schools like universities, colleges, business schools and MBA schools to verify the previous education merits of students, prior to admission. This helps educational institutions to maintain their integrity while providing a fast acceptance scheme for legitimate scholars.