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myTrueProfile Digital CV Highlights: Good Standing

Add your Good Standing Certificate on your myTrueProfile digital CV!

17 Nov 2021 - Member
myTrueProfile Digital CV Highlights: Personal Info

What is a digital CV without your personal information?

3 Nov 2021 - Member
myTrueProfile Digital CV Highlights: License

Upload your professional healthcare license and display it on your digital CV!

28 Oct 2021 - Member
myTrueProfile Digital CV Highlights: Work Experience

Highlight your work experience on your myTrueProfile digital CV!

25 Oct 2021 - Member
myTrueProfile Digital CV Highlights: Identity

Present yourself as a pre-verified candidate with a TrueIdentity!

18 Oct 2021 - Member Jobs: A World of Healthcare Opportunities

Find your dream job by browsing Jobs!

12 Oct 2021 - Member Supports World Patient Safety Day 2021

Find out how supports maternal and newborn care with our services.

17 Sep 2021 - Member
World Health Day: Let's Build a Fairer, Healthier World Together is committed in building a fairer, healthier world.

6 Apr 2021 - Member
Build a Better Career on the NEW!

We are thrilled to unveil’s new website, delivering a modern career platform to help you build a better career abroad! Surpasses 500K Registered Members!

We’re celebrating a milestone as we have surpassed 500K in registered Members!

COVID-19: Dubai to Allow Tourist Arrivals Starting July

Dubai will start accepting tourists into the Emirates starting 7th July, subject to strict health requirements.

1 Jul 2020 - Life Abroad
COVID-19: Restrictions Eased in the Philippines and in India

The governments of the Philippines and India have eased some of their international travel restrictions.

14 Jun 2020 - Professionals
COVID-19: UK Government Scraps Fees and Extends Visa for Migrant Healthcare Workers

The United Kingdom extends visas and scrapped NHS fees for migrant healthcare workers.

10 Jun 2020 - Life Abroad
COVID-19: Emirates and Etihad Resumes Passenger Flights Back to the UAE

Emirates and Etihad have resumed flights back to the UAE, subject to entry restrictions.

1 Jun 2020 - Life Abroad
Your Work-Related COVID-19 Questions Answered

Watch:’s René Seifert answers all your pandemic-related questions.

21 May 2020 - Support’s COVID-19 PSA for our Members

The team is keeping abreast of all the news updates related to the healthcare profession. Read it here.

#IWD2020: How to Thrive in an International Career

We interviewed Anna Dirr, the Head of Operations, for International Women’s Day.

6 Mar 2020 - Career Team Gives Back to the Community

The Manila team had lots of fun giving back to the community.

Get Hired Faster with TrueIdentity

Getting a TrueIdentity will get you noticed by international employers and recruiters who value background screening.

14 Jan 2020 - Career
The myTrueProfile Page Is Here To Help You Build Your Career Abroad!

Use the myTrueProfile page to build your dream career abroad.

How to Use the myTrueProfile Page to Build a Digital Resumé

Your myTrueProfile page can function as an online verified resumé.

BREAKING NEWS: Verify Your Identity Instantly with

Verify your identity instantly and get your own TrueIdentity check, powered by AutoIdent.

WIN: Share your TrueProofs on LinkedIn and win a professional CV re-write

Showcase your TrueProof on your LinkedIn profile and win a professionally-written CV!

The Wait is Over: Launches New Verification Feature for LinkedIn

You can now showcase your credentials on your LinkedIn account! got an upgrade to! got an upgrade. We are now! Connects With PH Nurse Community

The team connected with the Philippine Nurses Association and attended their convention. See the pictures!