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5 Ways To Deal With Workplace Stress And Burnout

Healthcare professionals experienced high rates of workplace stress and burnout during the pandemic. Here are 5 tips to keep you on track:

16 Dec 2021 - Support
5 Ways to Spot a Recruitment Scam

Recruitment scams are on the rise! In this blog, we discuss 5 red flags to help you avoid a recruitment scam when searching for employment:

4 Steps to Appeal Your 'Unable To Verify' Report

Don’t let an 'Unable to Verify' report deter you from your dream career. Here are 4 ways to appeal your result and reverify your documents.

12 Sep 2021 - Document Verification
Part Two: Nursing in the UK - Preparation, Application, Costs and Visas

Colin Pettifer discusses applying for roles in the UK, document preparation and requirements, registration, cost reimbursement and visas.

8 Jul 2021 - Career
Part One: Nursing in the UK - Why Make the Move?

We speak to Colin Pettifer about what nurses need to know to get a job in the UK either privately or with the UK’s NHS.

8 Jul 2021 - Career
Mental Health Awareness Month: Through May and Beyond

Here are 3 resources to help readers deal with factors that impact mental health, like professional burnout, homesickness and demotivation.

28 May 2021 - Member
How to Learn Online with ATI Nursing Education as a Member

A step-by-step picture guide on how to sign up for ATI’s Nursing Education Modules available for our Members.

13 Jan 2021 - Member
World Mental Health Day 2020

Let's come together even when the world is apart.

8 Oct 2020 - Member
Your Work-Related COVID-19 Questions Answered

Watch:’s René Seifert answers all your pandemic-related questions.

21 May 2020 - Support
The Guide - An FAQ

The most frequently asked questions about answered.

19 Apr 2017 - Support