When governments around the world gradually locked themselves down, one-by-one, due to the pandemic, most of us were left with a lot of questions. What will happen after this? What exactly is the “new normal”? Will healthcare jobs continue to be in demand worldwide? Fortunately for our Members, the TrueProfile.io team, in close coordination with the regulators we usually work with, can give you answers to some of your niggling questions.

Crowd-Sourced Questions

A few weeks ago, we asked our Members to send us their questions about working abroad, document verification, and the licensing process, in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Most of the questions were in the same vein, and we collated them and presented them to René Seifert, TrueProfile.io’s co-founder, for him to answer.

Presenting TrueProfile.io TV

René Seifert answers all your career-related questions and gives some advice on how you can boost your career in these uncertain times.

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