Firstly, as a team, we would like to start by saying that we hope all of our Members and their families are in good health and staying safe in these unpredictable times. Particularly as so many of our Members work within the healthcare industry, we also want to extend our thanks and gratitude for the incredible support and care they are extending for their patients, colleagues and community. 

Latest Updates:

10/06/2020 – UK Government Scraps Fees and Extends Visa for Migrant Healthcare Workers

Beginning 21st May, 2020, the UK government has exempted immigrant healthcare workers from the NHS health surcharge. In addition, workers whose visas are set to expire between 31st March and 1st October will automatically have an automatic visa extension granted to them.

21/05/2020 – Your Work-Related COVID-19 Questions Answered

We asked our Members what their most pressing concern is regarding working abroad in light of the pandemic. Here is our Q&A with René Seifert.

08/05/2020 – Saudi Arabia Accepting Volunteers in the Fight Against the Epidemic

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now accepting volunteers in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Medical workers and non-healthcare professionals are welcome to apply via the Nafaz service.

07/05/2020 – UAE Key Workers Stranded Abroad Allowed to Go Back

Essential workers based in the UAE but stranded abroad can now apply for the permit to travel back to the Emirates via the Twajudi Resident Service.

13/04/2020 – DoH Abu Dhabi is ‘issuing licenses as normal’

The Department of Health Abu Dhabi is issuing licences as normal and is providing temporary health licenses to help stem healthcare staff shortages. operations as usual 

At, we were quick to implement the necessary precautionary measures in terms of restricting travel and enabling our teams to work from home. From an internal perspective, our team is operating as normal and are on hand to support our Members in any way that we can. 

Extending our full support

Our priority is getting our job-seeking Members to work as soon as we can. We are powered by the DataFlow Group, and collectively we are in contact with regulators and authorities on a daily basis. With the demand for verified medical staff higher than ever, we want to ensure our Members are ready to adapt and move forward with job opportunities as they arise. 

Securing a healthcare role during the COVID-19 pandemic

Healthcare professionals who want to move overseas

Due to current staff shortages, healthcare recruiters and employers are sourcing staff via If you are still in your home country and are keen to move overseas, our advice is to have your verifications done ahead of time and to really ensure that your myTrueProfile page is fully populated and your contact settings are set to ‘Yes’. 

Information on how to maximise your myTrueProfile can be found here. 

Healthcare professionals who wish to stay in their home country

Also, for our Members who are still in their home countries, there are an abundance of roles available. Many regulators are hiring for temporary employees or permanent staff to help them to cope during the current pandemic. Having your verifications done ahead of time and ensuring your myTrueProfile page is up to date will mean that recruiters can contact you with relevant roles. 

Healthcare professionals who are overseas and want to secure a new role 

If you are already abroad and are seeking a new role, please also ensure your contact settings are set to ‘Yes’ so that recruiters can reach you immediately with suitable roles. 

Being prepared 

As situations and stipulations are evolving on a day-to-day basis, being fully prepared and having your documents pre-verified means that you’ll be the first to know about and be considered for healthcare opportunities. Many countries are still supporting the safe movement of medical staff, so if you’re ready to move and have the required verified documents, you’ll be the first to be chosen for the growing number of immediate-start healthcare roles. 

Reach out to us

If you have any questions about verifying your documents or maximising your chances of being hired, please reach out to us via  and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We’ll be posting all future updates on our blog and social media, so please stay tuned and stay safe and well.