We are thrilled to unveil TrueProfile.io’s new website, delivering a modern career platform to help you build a better career abroad! You can see all of our services, tools, resources and Member benefits at a glance to empower you to accelerate your own career potential. 

Here’s what you can expect to see over on our new website:

Our Services, Your Benefits


Verify your professional documents and join the TrueProfile.io community of verified professionals. Showcase your verifications as TrueProofs and stand out from the crowd. Authenticate your degree, professional license, work experience, good standing certificate, and identity documents!

Digital CV

TrueProfile.io Members get to take advantage of our career-boosting benefits. Build a FREE digital CV, known as a myTrueProfile, designed to help you attract new job opportunities. Your myTrueProfile is home to all of your verifications and professional information. Unlock the full potential of your online resumé by choosing the recommended option on your Contact Settings. Share your myTrueProfile digital CV with potential employers, recruiters and government regulators.

Get Hired

International employers and organizations use TrueProfile.io to source pre-verified and talented candidates like you. Make your digital CV and profile viewable to global recruiters so they can contact you directly for relevant job opportunities. Use this to your advantage and be in charge of your next career move!

Build Your Career

The TrueProfile.io team is always looking for ways to help boost your career! Join our trusted community by registering as a Member and having your credentials verified. Sign up for our newsletter so you can get career advice delivered straight to your inbox. 

Member Resources

 Our blog also got a makeover. You can browse hundreds of articles packed full of tips and tricks to help you develop your career potential. Download our whitepapers, read our career advice, enhance your life abroad and read testimonials from our Members.

What are you waiting for? Visit the new TrueProfile.io website now!