Mental Health Awareness Month: Through May and Beyond

For the month of May, organizations, foundations and individuals have been getting involved in activities to raise awareness of those living with mental health issues and to help reduce the stigma many people experience.

Throughout the month, various global campaigns took place to open up the conversation and break down the barriers often associated with mental health issues. 

One such campaign was the Mental Health Week campaign by the Mental Health Foundation in the UK which focused on the theme of nature. The campaign sent out the following message:

“There are times in all our lives when things can feel a bit too much. It can be stress at work or worries about our family or health. It can be feeling lonely. But there is a simple thing that can really help support good mental health. Nature. Being close to nature improves mental health and 4 in 10 people say that being nature made them feel less worried or anxious.

Almost two-thirds of people said being close to nature made them feel positive emotions. Nature can’t solve all our problems but it can really help put things in perspective, take the pressure off and bring calm, joy and wonder to our daily lives. So it can be helpful to try and prioritize getting close to nature. Find the time to go outside in a park or by a lake or a river, taking a moment to see, hear and feel nature. Or if it’s hard to get out, look for wildlife from your window and listen to the birdsong, or grow and look after a plant in your house. Notice their scent and color. Or plan a day by the beach or in the countryside. The important thing is to try and connect with nature and notice its beauty and how it makes you feel.

The Mental Health Foundation wants to grow awareness of the role that nature plays in preventing distress and creating good mental health for all. We are also asking governments and local councils to make sure everybody can enjoy the mental health benefits of nature. For tips on how to connect with nature or to find out more about the Mental Health Foundation’s work, please visit”

The  Mental Health Foundation shared the following 7 tips to connect with nature to improve mental health:

  1. Find nature wherever you are 
  2. Connect with nature using all of your senses
  3. Get out into nature 
  4. Bring nature to you 
  5. Exercise in nature 
  6. Combine nature with creativity
  7. Protect nature 

For more details and tips, read the full Mental Health Foundation article here:

It’s vital that we recognize the importance of making our mental health a priority, especially in these trying times. is always looking for ways to better serve and support our Members, and that goes beyond helping you to reach your professional goals.

Here are 3 resources to help our Members and readers deal with factors that impact mental health, such as professional burnout, homesickness and demotivation:

1. Dealing with Professional Burnout. 

Nobody has had it tougher this year than our healthcare workers, and it’s understandable that some may suffer professional burnout. It’s okay, you’re not alone and there is a solution. Find out 4 ways to help deal with professional burnout.

2. Demotivation and How to Overcome Mental Obstacles.

Mental obstacles at work can often contribute to poor mental health. Feeling a sense of purpose in your work is incredibly important and without it, it may be time to move on to something that motivates you.

3. How to Deal With Homesickness

Nobody is exempt from the occasional bursts of homesickness, particularly as an overseas worker. It happens to the best of us. Find out what you can do if and when you experience a longing to go back home.

Raising awareness on mental health issues and stigma, educating ourselves and finding ways to increase care and support for those who need it is a continuous effort and goes well beyond the month of May. Prioritize your mental health each and every day.

Here are some more resources to help inform you about mental health issues and awareness through May and beyond. 

Be kind to yourself.