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PRESS RELEASE:, Together With Sharp BH, Partners With Dr Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics To Attract Global Talent to the GCC

Dr Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics partnered with to enhance their global recruiting and talent acquisition efforts.

16 Mar 2022 - Partner
6 Ways to Recruit and Attract International Nurses

Healthcare employers are competing against one another to recruit and attract international nurses to fill skills shortages. What can you do?

28 Oct 2021 - Healthcare
Just Launched: Jobs!

Just launched! Jobs offers healthcare employers and recruiters the ultimate end-to-end recruitment solution. Find out how:

12 Oct 2021 - Partner
PRESS RELEASE: Jobs: empowering international healthcare staff to help overcome global staffing shortages

Healthcare employers can advertise their job vacancies on Jobs, home to over 300,000 career-focused healthcare professionals.

12 Oct 2021 - Partner
5 Types of Identity Verification Solutions

We discuss 5 types of identity verification solutions and the importance of implementing the correct solution to mitigate risk and fraud.

8 Oct 2021 - Partner in the Press – September 2021

This month,’s thought-leadership within the verification, HR, technology and recruitment space caught the eye of several global media powerhouses.

1 Oct 2021 - Media Coverage
The Difference Between Identity Verification and Background Screening

We look at the differences between identity verification and background screening and discuss the importance of ID verification when hiring.

22 Sep 2021 - Partner
5 International Recruitment Challenges in Healthcare

We discuss 5 international recruitment challenges in healthcare and give solutions to create and streamline an effective hiring process.

17 Sep 2021 - Healthcare
World Patient Safety Day 2021 - Committing to Improvement

For World Patient Safety Day 2021, we discuss how healthcare employers and providers can take action to improve Patient Safety.

14 Sep 2021 - Healthcare
What's the Difference Between Verification and Attestation?

We look at the differences between verification and attestation and discuss the importance of verification within recruitment.

9 Sep 2021 - Partner in the Press – August 2021

This month,’s thought-leadership within the verification, HR, technology and recruitment space caught the eye of several global media powerhouses.

2 Sep 2021 - Media Coverage
7 Things To Consider for Employee Retention During 'The Great Resignation'

Here are 7 employee retention challenges that must be overcome to survive 'The Great Resignation' and the future of work.

1 Sep 2021 - HR Advice
The UK's Healthcare Industry: Issues and Priorities

The new health secretary in the UK, Sajid Javid, needs to get the following four priorities right to solve major issues in the healthcare industry.

25 Jul 2021 - Healthcare
How Employers Can Get Ahead of 'The Great Resignation'

Employers beware! The Great Resignation is an issue that’s growing across the globe where employees are resigning in their droves.

15 Jul 2021 - HR Advice
Whitepaper: The Costs Of An Ineffective Hiring Process

We focus on ways to reduce time-to-hire and staff turnover while improving business efficiency and success.

8 Jul 2021 - Partner
Mental Health in the Workplace: A 365-Day Focus

We examine 5 industry leaders who increased employee mental health and wellbeing benefits and who continue this support all year round.

13 May 2021 - HR Advice
Using Primary Source Verification (PSV) as Industry Best Practice

Find out how your industry can use Primary Source Verification (PSV) to support a safer and qualified workforce.

27 Jan 2021 - Partner
How are you investing for World Mental Health Day 2020?

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2020. How are you investing in supporting your employees, colleagues and peers?

8 Oct 2020 - Partner
What is TrueIdentity?

Identity verification. Know exactly who you're hiring.

6 Sep 2019 - Blockchain
How® Uses Blockchain Technology

Any Business Partner in possession of a TrueProof can securely verify the document's authenticity against the blockchain.

29 Oct 2018 - Blockchain
What is a TrueProof®?

We define what a TrueProof is - your fully digital, verifiable proof of your authenticated credentials from

29 Aug 2018 - Blockchain®'s VaaS Offering

High-risk industries need to ensure that their candidates are pre-verified and qualified for the role.

29 Jul 2018 - Partner
What is®? uses PSV and blockchain technology to verify applicants credentials directly from the issuing authority.

29 Jun 2018 - Blockchain