Launches New Standard for Portable Credentials
<h2>The DataFlow Group&#8217;s Service adds a much-needed element of trust to hiring</h2> <p>, a subsidiary of The DataFlow Group &#8211; aims to expedite the verification of worker credentials with the launch of their new website. Working with issuing authorities like universities, employers and licensing bodies around the world,;s digital service allows job applicants and prospective employers to independently verify and confirm educational degrees, professional credentials, and licenses. </p> <p> brings Primary Source Verification (PSV) firmly into the 21st&nbsp;century with its use of cutting-edge blockchain technology. Most importantly, the new website addresses the need for greater security and transparency in overseas hiring by adding PSV as a critical trust element.</p> <p>&#8220; is the No. 1 industry solution to remove the friction of repetitive background checks,&#8221; says Sunil Kumar, CEO of The DataFlow Group. &#8220;Not only does this new service connect qualified applicants with just the right employers, it does so in a secure, online environment. The entire process instantly establishes trust and allows both employer and employee to move quickly through the hiring process.&#8221;</p> <figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img decoding="async" loading="lazy" width="1024" height="305" src="" alt=" Launches New Standard for Portable Credentials" class="wp-image-9983" title=" Launches New Standard for Portable Credentials" srcset=" 1024w, 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" /><figcaption>Sample of a myTrueProfile Page</figcaption></figure> <p>When speaking of the project, René Seifert, Chief Digital Officer of The DataFlow Group, states, &#8220;Our goal with this product was to create a tool that would give candidates a competitive advantage over other applicants during the hiring process, through onboarding, and throughout their employment. We&#8217;re extremely proud of the work we&#8217;re doing with;</p> <p> offers a host of fully-digital PSV services, many of which are new to the industry. Prospective employees can submit documents for verification &#8211; e.g. diplomas, licenses, reference letters, etc. Once verified, the applicant receives a digital TrueProof. The applicant owns their TrueProofs outright and can use them over and over throughout their career. Each TrueProof uses embedded Ethereum blockchain technology to validate the applicant&#8217;s credentials, adding a strong layer of digital security to the verification process. </p> <p> includes secured sections for both employers (called Business Partners) and prospective employees (called Members). Members benefit from easy-to-use web-access where they can manage their TrueProofs and their myTrueProfile-page. If they choose, Business Partners can purchase vouchers for applicants and guide them through the TrueProof verification process.</p> <h2>Learn more about</h2> <ul><li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Business Partners (Employers)</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Members (Applicants)</a></li></ul> <p></p>