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Why You Need to Start Hiring Healthcare Professionals for 2023 Now

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should start hire healthcare professionals for your workforce in 2023 now.

19 Nov 2022 - Recruitment
Why are Indian healthcare professionals pursuing international careers?

Indian healthcare professionals have the opportunity to fill talent gaps and establish their careers in fast-moving international markets.

29 Sep 2022 - Press Release
Factors Attracting Indian Medical Talent to Pursue International Career Opportunities

Head of Business, Alejandro Coca, discusses 3 key factors influencing Indian medical talent to pursue international careers.

20 Sep 2022 - Press Release
The Job Landscape for Healthcare Professionals Today

Alejandro Coca, Head of Business, discusses how the healthcare job landscape is placing emphasis on research, pharmacology, and technology.

5 Sep 2022 - Press Release
The Healthcare Sector Is Transforming at an Unprecedented Pace

BioSpectrum Jobs speaks with Alejandro Coca, Head of Business, about opportunities for the Indian healthcare workforce overseas.

9 Aug 2022 - Press Release
PRESS RELEASE:, Together With Sharp BH, Partners With Dr Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics To Attract Global Talent to the GCC

Dr Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics partnered with to enhance their global recruiting and talent acquisition efforts.

16 Mar 2022 - Partner