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Blockchain Technology Eases Healthcare Hiring Pressures and Benefits HR Management

Learn how blockchain technology can help with healthcare hiring by mitigating risks and maintaining data integrity.

15 Feb 2023 - Blockchain
Indian Healthcare Professionals Seeking Career Opportunities Abroad Rising

India’s healthcare professionals are in demand from countries in the Gulf (predominantly the UAE and Saudi Arabia) as well as Europe, particularly in the UK and Ireland because of its renowned prowess in medical education, as per a recent study published on Springer’s BMC.

8 Dec 2022 - Press Release
Recruitment Trends in a More Connected and Intelligent World

If you’re looking for new opportunities for the coming year, know that timing is crucial in finding that dream job.

26 Nov 2022 - Press Release
Applying for Work Abroad? Here’s Why You Need To Get Your Identity Verified

With widespread cases of identity theft across the globe, international employers and healthcare regulators need to be sure that the person who claims to have undergone professional healthcare training is the same person applying for a particular position.

24 Oct 2022 - Press Release
Why are Indian healthcare professionals pursuing international careers?

Indian healthcare professionals have the opportunity to fill talent gaps and establish their careers in fast-moving international markets.

29 Sep 2022 - Press Release
Factors Attracting Indian Medical Talent to Pursue International Career Opportunities

Head of Business, Alejandro Coca, discusses 3 key factors influencing Indian medical talent to pursue international careers.

20 Sep 2022 - Press Release
The Job Landscape for Healthcare Professionals Today

Alejandro Coca, Head of Business, discusses how the healthcare job landscape is placing emphasis on research, pharmacology, and technology.

5 Sep 2022 - Press Release
The Healthcare Sector Is Transforming at an Unprecedented Pace

BioSpectrum Jobs speaks with Alejandro Coca, Head of Business, about opportunities for the Indian healthcare workforce overseas.

9 Aug 2022 - Press Release
PRESS RELEASE:, Together With Sharp BH, Partners With Dr Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics To Attract Global Talent to the GCC

Dr Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji Dental Clinics partnered with to enhance their global recruiting and talent acquisition efforts.

16 Mar 2022 - Partner
PRESS RELEASE: Jobs: empowering international healthcare staff to help overcome global staffing shortages

Healthcare employers can advertise their job vacancies on Jobs, home to over 300,000 career-focused healthcare professionals.

12 Oct 2021 - Partner
PRESS RELEASE: Employment Fraud Rates Increased 30% Throughout Pandemic® highlights a 30% increase in employment fraud rates since 2020 which calls for more stringent recruitment processes.

8 Jun 2021 - Press Release
PRESS RELEASE: Blockchain-Powered Professional Verification Platform Bridges the Trust Gap, has today announced its updated service offering. Read more about this updated ecosystem of trust.

5 Apr 2021 - Blockchain
PRESS RELEASE: Immunity Passports Can Be Blockchain’s Breakthrough Application

Blockchain-enabled immunity passports could be highly effective to help keep citizen health data secure and decentralized.

15 Jul 2020 - Blockchain Teams Up With Trinity University of Asia to Promote Overseas Career Growth is proud to announce a new partnership with Trinity University of Asia.

25 Jun 2020 - Blockchain
PRESS RELEASE: Bolsters Global Battle Against COVID-19, Enables Healthcare Recruiters to Hire Pre-verified Medical Staff

Find out how we are helping authorities, hospitals and healthcare recruiters to stem the growing shortfall of medical staff.

8 Apr 2020 - Healthcare and RAKMHSU Sign First UAE Partnership to Strengthen Graduates’ Career Potential

RAKHSMU’s graduates and alumni are equipped with a community of support to achieve their professional potential

12 Feb 2020 - Blockchain