The Job Landscape for Healthcare Professionals Today
<h3>By Alejandro Coca, Head of Business,</h3> <p id="E96">During the recent Covid pandemic, healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, lab technicians, biotechnologists, epidemiologists, pharmacists and other support staff became the backbone of the fight against the virus. Therefore, there is now an increased demand for Indian professionals in the global healthcare workforce, with India being the highest supplier of nurses in the world after the Philippines.</p> <h2 id="E105">Urgent need to staff the healthcare system</h2> <p id="E109">Having witnessed the current scenario, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that there will be a shortfall of over 18 million healthcare workers globally by 2030. Given this statistic, there is definitely going to be a higher demand for staff in the future. This also shows that as countries develop and further equip their care delivery, the demand for Indian healthcare professionals will grow in other countries as well. Many Indian healthcare professionals are, as of today, stably positioned in countries like the US, UK, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, among others.</p> <p id="E126">The Covid-19 pandemic also brought into focus several deficiencies in the healthcare sector. Many workers are behind the smooth functioning of the global healthcare system, and to have seamless operations, it is important that all stakeholders are well-equipped to perform their jobs and are happy.</p> <p id="E132">It is not just about having good doctors and nurses; skilled paramedical and support staff are the need of the hour. During the outbreak of the pandemic, the healthcare sector saw the highest intent to hire because of the acute staff shortages being experienced in many hospitals and clinics. Now, global healthcare job portals show more postings for the requirements of Indian health professionals.</p> <h2 id="E138">Healthcare hiring sees boom with need for specialisations</h2> <p id="E140">Recently, there has also been a boom in healthcare career portals that provide end-to-end services from job listings to <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">document verification</a> and licensing. It provides the average healthcare worker with easy access to work for leading global healthcare recruiters.</p> <p id="E146">Of course, the prerequisites in the healthcare sector for hiring are the right qualifications and specialisations. Prior research should also be done by applicants about job profiles to determine whether they are a good fit for the role. As healthcare is a high-risk industry, a crucial step for recruiters is verification and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">background screening</a>.</p> <h2 id="E154">Centralised exams are not the only way to get in</h2> <p id="E156">There are, of course, many jobs in the healthcare sector that don’t necessarily require giving exams like the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">NEET</a>. Several hospitals and colleges offer degrees, diplomas, and certificates to garner a job in the healthcare field that don’t require qualifying for such centralised examinations. However, an urgent requirement is the quality check of the syllabus and technology being taught in all these allied courses and the authenticity of the degree, diploma, or certificate.</p> <h2 id="E160">Integration of technology is the need of the hour</h2> <p id="E162">With the recent pandemic, the healthcare system has also seen the need to integrate advanced technology and develop clinical and hospital procedures. Qualifications that equip professionals in the use of the latest technologies have seen an increase in demand in recent times when it comes to hiring. Technology plays a crucial role in bringing in efficiency for staff and transparency into the system. It provides the average healthcare professional with the means and channels to do a high-end specialised job.</p> <p id="E170">The pandemic has changed the outlook of the healthcare industry, with emphasis now being put on research, pharmacology, and technology. Well, it is also a requirement in the healthcare field for staff to keep studying and upgrading their skills, keeping track of the latest developments in the sector.</p> <p id="E174">Despite more and more professionals choosing a career in the healthcare sector, there is always a shortfall in the need for qualified and able workers to suit a variety of roles. The health industry is definitely a booming industry that will only evolve and never die. It is a good calling for many young students; it will not only bring job satisfaction but also give them the chance to contribute to society in a special way.</p>