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Part Two: Nursing in the UK - Preparation, Application, Costs and Visas

Colin Pettifer discusses applying for roles in the UK, document preparation and requirements, registration, cost reimbursement and visas.

8 Jul 2021 - Career
Avoid Financial Traps and Save for the Future

You might not know that you are caught in a financial trap. Find out what to avoid so you can retire in comfort.

27 Feb 2019 - Uncategorised Member
How to Make Your New Year's Resolutions More Effective

What is the S.M.A.R.T. method and how can you apply it to your new year’s resolution?

22 Dec 2018 - Uncategorised Member
Easy Ways to Learn a New Language

It makes sense to learn a little bit of the local language as a migrant worker.

12 Oct 2018 - Life Abroad
How Exercise Can Benefit Your Life

Exercise can be your happy pill that can power you through your daily grind.

10 Aug 2018 - Life Abroad
Money Matters: The Art of Diversification

Place your savings in different interest-earning financial vehicles.

26 Jul 2018 - Life Abroad
How to Avoid the One-Day Millionaire Trap

It’s easy to forget saving for a rainy day when the good times are rolling.

3 Jul 2018 - Life Abroad
Prioritize Savings Over Paying Off Loans

Having something to tide you over for a rainy day frees you up with more options.

25 May 2018 - Uncategorised Member
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Your Goals

You cannot move forward if you’re standing still.

Get Rid of Mental Block and Other Hindrances to Success

Are you your own greatest enemy when it comes to achieving your goals?

21 Dec 2017 - Uncategorised Member
In Plain English: Kinds of Bitcoin Wallets

Which bitcoin wallet is the best fit for you?

15 Dec 2017 - Uncategorised Member
In Plain English: Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin is just like any other currency, except that it’s digital. We’ll explain what it is in plain English.

17 Aug 2017 - Life Abroad
In Plain English: Where to Invest Your Money

What are the different investment opportunities available to you?

19 Jul 2017 - Life Abroad
Investment Risk Profile - Simplified Pinoy Style

For investment beginners, you will encounter what is called an Investment Risk Profile. We’ll explain it in plain English.

What does the PERA Law Mean for an OFW?

Overseas Filipino workers should open a PERA account. We’ll explain why.

30 Jan 2017 - Uncategorised Member
Most Common OFW Scams - How to Avoid Them

Some victims get scammed out of thousands of dollars. Here’s how to recognize the most common scams targeting migrant workers.

Bitcoin Remittances for OFWs - What You Need To Know

You can avoid high remittance fees when sending money back home by using bitcoin.