Most of us have never heard of Khasab in Oman before. That’s actually a good thing. That means that we get to enjoy this gem of a place before the tourists come in droves. That does not mean that it’s not tourist-friendly, not at all. There are plenty of activities and sightseeing if you ever get to this hidden part of the world. Let me give you five reasons to go to Khasab.

It’s a different landscape

Five Reasons to Travel to Khasab
There are fjords in the Middle East!

You would not be expecting to see fjords in the Middle East, but the Musandam peninsula has been called the “Norway of the Middle East” because of its spectacular scenery. If you have had a surfeit of sands and deserts and you want a break from that landscape, head on over to Khasab.

Five Reasons to Travel to Khasab
Expect views like these on your road trip.

Epic road trip

If you’re driving into Khasab from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you would be hard-pressed to keep your eye on the road. This is because the view by the roadside is really stunning. I would bet that once you’ve made this road trip, you will already be planning to go back whilst still there!

An easy weekender

Khasab is just an easy two and a half hour drive from Dubai. It’s not a hardship to make this into your weekend getaway, especially with what awaits you. If you have gone into Dubai as a tourist and need to exit to get that working visa, why not kill two birds with one stone? Do your visa run and enjoy your stay at the same time.

Dhows, pirates, and crumbling watchtowers

Five Reasons to Travel to Khasab
A boat! In the desert!

Satisfy the romantic nomad in you with a fjord tour in a dhow. A dhow is a traditional Arab boat with triangular sails. It isn’t hard trying to imagine yourself as a pirate pillaging the surrounding countryside. In real life, though, you can find smugglers waiting for the sun to set to make their low-key trade with Iran, which is just 55 kms away by boat.

Five Reasons to Travel to Khasab
Khasab Fort


Five Reasons to Travel to Khasab
We’re also queueing to see the dolphins!

Dolphin watching is also a treat if you go on an early morning cruise. Most of us will see dolphins inside tanks or cages and not in their natural environment. Here you will find dolphins swimming in the waves created by your dhow.

What are you waiting for? Discover Khasab now!

Five Reasons to Travel to Khasab

Picture attribution CC BY 2.0