The real test of an overseas worker’s finances is his first vacation back home. When you’re flush with cash and secure in your immediate future, going back home means having a good time. It also sometimes means uncontrolled spending because you want to give your family the whole world. It’s easy to buy five year old Junjun that Nintendo Switch because you have not been home to care for him. You have the money, anyway. Although this kind of defeats the purpose of being an overseas foreign worker if you spend all your hard-earned money all in one go.

plan vacation jobs abroad
Spend time, not money, with your family.

Plan your vacation in between jobs abroad

If you are to survive your time off your job abroad with your savings intact, you have to apply certain tactics. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be stingy and not go anywhere fun. It just means that you have to be wiser and ask for your family’s understanding. Set their expectations and have them onboard with your financial game plan.

Plan well in advance

If your contract does not cover airfare back home but instead gives you a lump sum to cover it, sign up for newsletters from airlines. Even Emirates Airlines have their annual sales and you get a heads up when you’ve subscribed. Then get a ticket back home once they’re on sale! Another thing you can get in advance is giveaways. Watch out for big mall sales and buy small keepsakes for family and friends.

Don’t extend yourself

Yes, you’re excited to finally get some time for yourself and your family. Yes, it’s like a new day and it’s sunny and all that jazz. You don’t need to go everywhere and travel out of town with the #fambam in tow just to enjoy. Sometimes, all you need is a quiet day, relaxing on the sofa, and just talking to your family like it’s an ordinary day. Frequent trips to the beach or to the mall can quickly drain your budget.

plan vacation jobs abroad
Hold off on being an #IGers for a bit.

Post social media updates after your vacation

You don’t want to advertise an empty apartment on Instagram. The same way that you don’t want your batty Aunt Thelma to know that you’ll be home to visit. It’s very easy to say that not posting is a bit paranoid, but then again, you want to prioritize safety over posting on social media. Not posting also means less expectations from friends who expect a treat from the “rich guy from overseas.”

Enjoy without getting broke

Set your budget and plan your moves. A vacation in between contracts should be enjoyable. Nobody deserves it better than an overseas foreign worker like you.