Ruba Elsayed has worked as a General Dentist for the past three years, during which time she has also practised her profession in the war-torn country of Sudan. Ruba wanted to secure a new opportunity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – a country she was born and raised in – and so endeavoured to do so by first applying for her PSV report from member in the spotlight

My name is Ruba Mohamed and I’m a general dentist. My favourite things to do in my spare time include drawing, cooking, and watching American TV series. I think the last one falls into my guilty pleasure more than a hobby!

Back in college, I was – without fully realizing it at the time – the ultimate nerd. All I cared about is getting my grades up, leaving great impressions on my teachers, and looking good in front of my clinical examiners. I hate to admit this but I used to LOVE exams.

After graduating, I became more of a knowledge enthusiast than a nerd. I found out there’s much more to know about life beyond dentistry and generally, that made life easier for me to tackle in its different aspects.

From UTV to Verified
Ms. Elsayed inside her clinic.

Which country/countries do you intend to work in and why?

I recently relocated in order to work in Saudi Arabia. My entire family resides in Saudi Arabia. I was born and raised there so it was the first country I thought of working in. In the future, I would love to work in a lot of countries for different reasons. To name a few: I would love to work in India and Egypt because both these countries have a large population. That certainly would add to my clinical expertise. Also at some point in my life, I hope to work in the USA. Maybe in a research facility in the USA which is a country that appreciates science and knowledge.

How did getting a TrueProof help you out with your job application?

From UTV to Verified
Ms. Elsayed in her toga.

Getting my documents verified was one crucial step in ensuring that I am eligible for practising general dentistry. The SCFHS has made it a point that document verification is a necessity. It aims to ensure safe practice for citizens and employers. Moreover, the fact that is a source of verification that is impartial and reliable affirms that my verification process is absolutely authentic.

Personally, for me the hindsight was, I got the TrueProofs and all these benefits that came with it through an application process that was relatively effortless, less time consuming as I was not required to travel or even go anywhere locally.



How easy was it for you to process your DataFlow (PSV) report?

It was very easy for me to process the DataFlow report. It had all the important information in a well-arranged manner.

What is the most beneficial part of having your report stored on

In my opinion, the most beneficial part of having my report stored on is that it’s never lost. I can always go back to it when I need it and readily use it. Also, I wouldn’t worry about re-verifying a document or losing a report because the website is secured.

The team made my experience easier, calming, and most importantly a happy one.

Initially, I had an issue with the verification of my employment.
When I started my verification process, Sudan was in a war situation in which civil disobedience was persistent, internet service was blocked and life was put on hold. As a result of that, my reports verification results were ‘Unable to Verify’. Thankfully I had the choice to appeal and I did. The appeal request results were ‘Verified’.

Would you recommend to your friends?

I would absolutely recommend to my friends and colleagues. In my recent past, I would email my questions to different organizations and they would respond late. I was always patient because I had to be and with the experience, I got to appreciate the sense of fast replies.

Not only that, I am sincerely thankful to those in charge of writing emails. I found those emails to be helpful and kind especially because it was my first time in verifying documents. I was nervous, I made mistakes and the war in Sudan was making me a nervous wreck.

All in all, the team made my experience easier, calming and most importantly a happy one.

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